It looks like filming for Unforgotten season 5 will begin soon, at least according to star Sanjeev Bhaskar.


The actor had previously hinted at where the crime drama's storyline would pick up following the tragic death of Nicola Walker's DCI Cassie Stuart.

And now, Bhaskar, who is set to appear in a new season of Secrets of the Transport Museum from next week, confirmed that production would begin in two months during an exclusive chat with

“I've seen all the scripts, in fact, because we start filming in about two months," he said. "I think there are maybe some tweaks to go, but I've seen the scripts."

He also confirmed that DI Sunny Khan is the same as ever. "I haven't suddenly returned with a moustache and sort of like sideburns," he said – which will be a relief for fans to hear.

Those worried about Sunny's trusty backpack also have nothing to fear.

"The backpack is there. That's been enshrined," he confirmed.

There's no news yet as to when the crime drama might actually land on ITV, or who will be filling Cassie's shoes, for that matter. Creator Chris Lang previously told that Sunny's new partner in crime would definitely be another woman and a new character to the series.

"I certainly have begun conceiving the character, yeah. I'm actually working at the moment. And I had yeah, [the] script was commissioned before we even aired season 4," he said at the time.

"So I've kind of got a rough idea, obviously, who she is. It's an evolutionary process when you write both the series and the characters and they evolve over the course of the writing process, six months or so. So I have a pretty good idea who she was and who she is and what her story is. And yes, it's a woman. But it will keep evolving until the day we deliver it because you still rewrite in the [series] edit."

Additional reporting by Patrick Cremona.

Secrets of the Transport Museum returns to Yesterday channel every Tuesday at 8pm from 1st February.


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