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How to watch Top Boy in order on Netflix

How many Top Boy seasons are there and what is Top Boy: Summerhouse?

Top Boy
Published: Thursday, 31st March 2022 at 11:43 am

Everyone’s favourite Netflix show about London drug gangs is back, and it’s on storming form this time around.


It's been a long wait: Netflix brought the crime drama back to the small screen with a third season in 2019, six years after the show was cancelled by Channel 4.

Top Boy season 4 takes place on a whole new level as Dushane (Ashley Walters) attempts to expand his drug empire internationally.

With huge plot twists right from the word go, and an intense finale, there’s certainly a lot to get your teeth into this time around.

However, for those wanting to catch up on the previous three seasons of the show, Top Boy season 4 has been branded on Netflix as Top Boy season 2.

This is because Netflix has renamed the first two seasons of the drama from its days on Channel 4 as Top Boy: Summerhouse.

Read on for everything you need to know about the difference between Top Boy and Top Boy: Summerhouse, as well how to watch previous seasons of the show in order.

How many Top Boy seasons are there?

Kane Robinson as Sully in Top Boy
Kane Robinson as Sully in Top Boy Ana Blumenkron/Netflix

There are four Top Boy seasons in total on Netflix.

Top Boy season 3 was released on 13th September 2019, and was technically the third outing, but has been billed as ‘season 1’ on Netflix.

This is because the show was culled by Channel 4 back in 2013, before Netflix picked up the drama in 2017 after Drake bought the rights to Top Boy.

As a result, the third outing is being referred to as ‘season 1’ on Netflix because it’s the first run of episodes on the streamer.

This is also why the fourth outing is being termed Top Boy 2 on Netflix.

How to watch Top Boy in order on Netflix

Simbiatu Ajikawo as Shelley in Top Boy
Simbiatu Ajikawo as Shelley in Top Boy Chris Harris/Netflix

Here's how to watch the Top Boy seasons in the correct order on Netflix:

  • Top Boy: Summerhouse season 1
  • Top Boy: Summerhouse season 2
  • Top Boy season 1
  • Top Boy season 2

What’s the difference between Top Boy and Top Boy: Summerhouse?

Ashley Walters as Dushane in Top Boy
Ashley Walters as Dushane in Top Boy Chris Harris/Netflix

While season 3 picks up where the second left off, with Dushane returning from exile to reclaim his place in the London drug market, Netflix has rebranded the series altogether.

The old Channel 4 show has been given the name Top Boy: Summerhouse on Netflix to help fans differentiate between the two.

This makes sense: a new cast and crew were behind the third instalment of the Top Boy franchise and it is, in many ways, a different show.


The new title comes from the name of the fictional Summerhouse housing estate in Hackney, East London where the action is set.

The new season of Top Boy is streaming now on Netflix.

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