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Top Boy season 4 ending explained: Is [SPOILER] really dead?

The ending certainly packed a punch...

Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Dris (Shone Romulus) in Top Boy season 2
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Published: Saturday, 16th April 2022 at 12:55 pm

Top Boy season 4 may have taken a while to arrive on Netflix, but when it did it made quite the impact.


The show was well received by critics and fans alike (read’s review here), with many already clamouring for the already announced fifth and final season.

It's perhaps no wonder that viewers are desperate for more, after a deadly end to season 4 that could just change everything for Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson), and which left a number of questions hanging - setting up an explosive end to the acclaimed crime drama.

Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Top Boy season 4 (or season 2 as Netflix has called it), and what Top Boy season 5 could mean for the Summerhouse crew.

*Warning – this article contains full spoilers for the new season of Top Boy on Netflix*

Top Boy season 4 ending explained

Why did Sully kill Jamie in the Netflix series?

Kane Robinson as Sully in Top Boy
Kane Robinson as Sully in Top Boy Ana Blumenkron/Netflix

Put simply, Sully has never trusted Jamie (Michael Ward) – not entirely surprising, given Jamie made multiple attempts on Sully's life while their respective gangs were at war over Summerhouse last season.

This latest season saw Jamie strike up an uneasy working relationship with his former rival – and Sully's sometime ally – Dushane Hill (Ashley Walters), after Dushane framed Jamie for weapons possession then worked to secure his release from prison in return for Jamie working for him.

Dushane seemed to respect Jamie, even if he didn't entirely trust him. After discovering the truth of what happened to Ats (Kieyon Cook) – more on that below – Dushane ordered Jamie to execute his friend and second-in-command Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) as a final test of loyalty, an act Jamie begrudgingly carried out.

This was proof enough for Dushane, but not for Sully, who still disliked Jamie, leading to a clash between Dushane and Sully which foreshadowed the latter's later actions.

Stood on the balcony of Dushane's flat, Sully is appalled when his old partner refers to Jamie as their "retirement plan" – Dushane now considers the young upstart not just an ally but also his successor as top boy of the Summerhouse estate and beyond.

"It's like you want to be out here, on the roads, in your old age – I don't," says Dushane, which leads Sully to suggest that it's time they go their separate ways.

"You got your way, I got mine," Sully says. "And they ain't aligning."

Determined to prevent Jamie from usurping him and/or Dushane, Sully took drastic action and shot his rival dead.

Though it's surprising to see Top Boy kill off Jamie, Sully's actions were foreshadowed by a tense confrontation between the pair when they were together in Spain in episode 6 of the new season. Sully is there to tackle a drugs supply issue at Dushane's behest, after Dushane saved Sully from a rival gang who'd been holding him hostage – but while he owes Dushane a favour, Sully is clearly struggling to work with Jamie.

"You think I've forgotten?" he asks his nemesis, referring to the prior attempts on his life. "Dushane told me everything that happened in the past is done," replies Jamie. "Dushane don't speak for me," insists Sully. "So you look at me wrong, you're done. Jamie, I swear to God, I will f**king bury you out here."

It was only ever going to take the smallest of nudges for Sully to lash out at Jamie – Dushane crowning him his successor was the final straw. (In Sully's defence, he wasn't entirely wrong about Jamie, who earlier in the season had once again plotted to topple Dushane.)

Is Jamie dead in Top Boy?

Micheal Ward as Jamie in Top Boy
Micheal Ward as Jamie in Top Boy Chris Harris/Netflix

We hate to say it, but it does appear as if Top Boy has seen the last of Jamie.

In the new season's closing scene, Jamie is at home with his brothers Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr) and Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi). There's a knock at the door, which Jamie leaves the dinner table to answer – their unexpected visitor is Sully (Kane Robinson), who shoots Jamie twice in the chest.

Stefan arrives in the hallway just in time to see Sully ruthlessly finish off Jamie with one final shot to the head. Sully departs, leaving a heartbroken Stefan and Aaron cradling their brother's bloodied body.

What is wrong with Dushane in Top Boy?

One plot thread that isn't resolved this season concerns Dushane's health – across the eight episodes, we repeatedly see him suffering from heart palpitations. In episode 7, he asks Sully if he's ever experienced something similar, his heart "just pounding for no reason" while he's doing "normal s**t – cooking, driving".

We never find out what's wrong with Dushane – is he experiencing panic attacks, or symptoms of some other kind of affliction? If Top Boy returns for another season, it seems certain this storyline will be revisited, particularly given Dushane's stated desire to leave the streets behind and go legit.

Who killed Ats in Top Boy season 4?

Lauryn Top Boy
Lauryn Top Boy Chris Harris/Netflix

The new season of Top Boy opened with the death of Ats (Keiyon Cook), former friend to Stefan who betrayed his pal by joining Dushane's crew and helping to frame Jamie by planting a bag of guns in his flat.

Ats was killed off-screen between seasons, with his body being found in a skip, and the mystery of who was responsible for his death played out across the latest batch of episodes.

It was revealed in episode 6 that Ats was killed by Dexter (Micah Loubon), who was working for Kit – furious at Ats for having betrayed Jamie and his brothers, Kit wanted to teach the teen a lesson and so ordered Dexter to "scare" him, but in the resulting scuffle, Ats tried to grab Dexter's knife and ended up sustaining a fatal stab wound.

When Dushane's crew learn of Dexter's involvement, Kit murders Dexter in an attempt to cover up his own part in Ats' death, but Dushane grows suspicious and later has the truth confirmed to him by Jamie, after Kit confesses all to his friend. Dushane wants revenge for the killing of Ats and orders Jamie to execute Kit to prove his loyalty, which Jamie does – only to himself be killed by Sully just hours later.

What will happen after Top Boy season 4?

Simbiatu Ajikawo as Shelley in Top Boy
Simbiatu Ajikawo as Shelley in Top Boy Chris Harris/Netflix

Jamie's death is bound to have huge consequences in any potential new season of Top Boy.

Most obviously, Sully's actions will put him and Dushane back at odds after the latter had handpicked Jamie as his heir apparent, but any future episodes will almost certainly look to explore the impact that their brother's death will have on Stefan and Aaron. Will young Stefan be pulled further into a murky criminal underworld as he seeks revenge for Jamie's murder, and will studious Aaron, who always refused to be involved in Jamie's criminal activities, now end up following a similar path? We can't see Aaron taking those exams now...

A question mark also hangs over Tia (Conya Toccara), Stefan's friend who arrives at his flat mere seconds after Jamie's murder, even passing Sully in the corridor as he departs. The camera lingers on Tia and Sully as they pass each other and Tia doesn't run to help when she hears Stefan's screams, instead walking calmly into the flat – was she somehow involved in the plot to kill Jamie?

Earlier in the season finale, Tia had got Stefan mixed up with a rival gang, with Jamie arriving just in time to save his brother. Perhaps this gang were involved too, joining with Sully to stand against Jamie?

Dushane, Sully and company were also pitted against psychopathic Liverpudlian gangster Curtis (Howard Charles) this season – the abusive Curtis was eventually killed by his pregnant girlfriend Lauryn (Saffron Hocking), with Sully ordering Curtis' sister and the rest of her gang to return to Liverpool and never return to London. Will they take heed of Sully's warning, or will they be back for revenge against Lauryn and her sister Jaq (Jasmine Jobson)?

There's certainly no shortage of story to be explored if/when Top Boy returns.

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