This is what 24 looks like without Jack Bauer

The first trailer for 24: Legacy has been released – but there's no sign of Kiefer Sutherland


24 is back – but not as you know it. Watch the trailer below and you’ll notice one glaring omission: Jack Bauer.


Kiefer Sutherland is absent from Fox’s reboot of their 24 franchise, replaced here by Straight Outta Compton actor Corey Hawkins who steps up to the plate as Eric Carter.

But some things never change. You see, Eric’s in a spot of bother after joining a unit of elite Army Rangers deployed by CTU to do away with a terrorist leader. He’s now back in America, trying to pretend everything’s normal, but the deceased leader’s crew have tracked down his assailants and Eric and his team’s days look to be numbered.

Meanwhile, Homeland’s Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits (The West Wing) star as Senator John Donovan and his wife Rebecca Ingrams. She used to head up CTU but his eye is on the White House and her fast-paced career has become collateral damage in his campaign. With Eric’s team under threat, will she disobey her husband and return to save the day?


Cue lots of guns, chases, explosions – you know the drill…