This Game of Thrones Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt crossover is a masterpiece

When you set Titus' Peeno Noir hit to lyrics about Westeros, you get magic

Warning: This extremely surreal crossover video will make absolutely no sense to anyone who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Or both, really.


So, fans of Tina Fey’s Netflix gem, remember when Titus created and sang the fabulous Peeno Noir? Obviously you remember, it’s your ringtone. In fact you’re humming it right now.

Now comedy sketch group Practical Jokers have set Titus’s song to a whole new masterpiece called Jaqen H’ghar, with lyrics about events in Game of Thrones, including Arya-centred line “Tom Boy star, quite bizarre…revenge will be spectacular…”.


All together now: “Jaqen H’gharrrrr…chase away Nymeria-r, Syrio taught you how to spar, flee the lands near and far…Jaqen H’gharrrrr…”

No idea what’s going on? Time to educate yourself:

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