This Game of Thrones blooper reel is simply the besteros

For once, your only tears will be from laughter


Thought the world of Game of Thrones was all murder, doom and gloom? Well, we’re happy to say that you’re wrong – because as this new blooper reel for the sixth season of the HBO fantasy proves, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Westeros in between disembowellings.


Revealed at the San Diego Comic-con yesterday and featuring such highlights as Emilia Clarke riding a green sock puppet, Alfie Allen struggling with the cold and (most notably of all) Peter Dinklage completely failing to say the word “benevolent” for what feels like several hours, it’s definitely a lighter look at the world we’ve come to know and love.

Nice that we can get a few chuckles in before the tragedy starts all over again next year, anyway…


Game of Thrones will return in 2017