There’s going to be a great House of Cards/Luke Cage crossover when Netflix’s new series lands

Meet Mahershala Ali, the unifying force behind Netflix's biggest series


Marvel’s latest superhero TV series Luke Cage is set to debut this September on Netflix – and regular bingers will probably notice a very familiar face when they settle in to stream.


Actor Mahershala Ali plays the charismatic and violent  Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes in the new series, Luke Cage’s rival and owner of a club called Harlem’s Paradise. Ali is also the smooth political power player Remy Danton in Netflix’s House of Cards.

Well, he was. In actual fact, Ali revealed that his time on House of Cards had come to an end. “I didn’t feel that there was a lot more to really explore – and if they didn’t agree with me, I wouldn’t be out of that contract,” he told Deadline. “They understood that we had a good run, you know? You move on.”


So, free and clear to make his mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe then?


Marvel’s Luke Cage is released 30th September 2016 on Netflix. House of Cards returns for a fifth season in 2017.