There’s a new TV series inspired by “Chewbacca Mom”

The end is nigh


If the encroaching spectre of climate change and ever-present threat of nuclear war weren’t enough harbingers of the apocalypse for you, then check this out – there’s going to be a TV series inspired by the life of “Chewbacca Mom,” aka the American woman who found viral fame by laughing uproariously on Facebook Live while donning the face of a notorious Wookie. 


Starring My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Nia Vardalos, according to Deadline the series has a working title of Suburbs Famous, and explores the story of a housewife (Vardalos) who becomes famous through a viral video – though apparently not the same sort of video as Chewbacca Mom became known for.

“Thrust into the cutthroat world of celebrity chefs, the newly divorced mom must navigate between the intense public scrutiny which could destroy her and the investors who want to make her a star… all while realising she suddenly has the one thing everyone wants: power,” a summary of the story reads. 

“Suburbs Famous explores the concept of how it seems to be quite easy to become famous,” Vardalos (pictured) said, adding that the idea for the series (she co-writes with Mike Mariano) came from when she appeared on a morning show with “Chewbacca Mom” Candance Payne last year.

“I wanted to explore the concept of sudden fame for someone who isn’t prepared and doesn’t want it, for someone who gets power and doesn’t know what to do with it, as well as what happens next,” Vardalos said. 


“One minute, you are white hot and the next you could go cold.”