The titles of the first two Sherlock episodes have been revealed

But what does it all mean?


The names of the first two episodes of Sherlock have been revealed, dropping more hints about a series which has undergone “years of planning”.


At this weekend’s Sherlocked UK fan event, it was announced that episode one of the fourth series would be called The Six Thatchers and episode two entitled The Lying Detective.

Very intriguing indeed.

Both titles link back to clues revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, with the Thatcher title leading us to believe it could be about anything from reed-based roofers to Maggie Thatcher to The Six Napoleons, a Conan-Doyle story which sees a criminal destroying busts of Napoleon.

The second, The Lying Detective, seems to be a take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventure Of The Dying Detective. In this story, a character called Culverton Smith is tricked into believing he’s poisoned Holmes and confesses that he’s done the same to his nephew, only to find that Holmes is alive and kicking and had hidden Watson in the room to witness his “confession”.


Sherlock series 4 will air in early 2017