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ITV thriller The Sister finishes with an open ending that “disappoints” viewers

The ITV thriller ended as it began, with more questions than answers. *CONTAINS SPOILERS*


ITV thriller The Sister concluded with an open-ended denouement that, like the series itself, posed as many questions as it answered – and many viewers in the unofficial tweet-along that has accompanied all four episodes were not impressed.


Nathan (Russell Tovey) had just witnessed the birth of his child to wife Holly (Amrita Acharia), his demented foe Bob (Bertie Carvel) was in a likely permanent coma and he hadn’t killed “the sister” Elise he thought he had 10 years previously after a New Year’s Eve party. He was in the clear!

Except, in the final scene, the ghost of Elise was lying in the back seat as he drove away from hospital. Surely he was going to get a comeuppance? Of course not!

The Sister finished with an opaque, open ending. Viewers weren’t impressed.

The responses on social media ranged from “disappointing” to descriptions we can’t print.

The finale left so many unanswered questions.

One viewer posted: “I……don’t…..understand…..what happened to the rest of her body ? how did they know the skull was hers ? why oh why was she in the back of the car ? worst ending ever #thesisteritv #TheSister”.

The final scene seemed to strongly establish the possibility of a sequel.

However there were fans among the online critiques. One  viewer wrote: “That has to be one of the most weirdly twisted dramas I’ve seen in a long time! #TheSister”.

Many in the audience had stopped taking the drama seriously, although they were still watching.

A viewer posted about another plot hole: “I’m defrosting my freezer right now. I can tell you from first hand experience, there’s NO WAY he’d have got that back bag out that quickly#TheSister”.

Some in the audience were crafting their own, more satisfying conclusions to the ITV thriller.

For instance: “You know what would have been a really chilling and apt ending? Bob dies while in coma, phew, relief for Nathan, baby is born, ending is Nathan driving & talking to new baby in car seat in the back, camera pans along to show GHOST BOB sitting next to baby. The End.”

Read the thoughts of Amrita Acharia (Holly) on the ending to The Sister.


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