The population of Twin Peaks hasn’t changed in over 25 years according to the first look trailer

That sign can't be right, can it? And Kyle MacLachlan looks exactly the same as Special Agent Dale Cooper too


Every new teaser for the revival of Twin Peaks sends a little shiver down our spines, but this latest trailer also had us questioning – surely the population of this peculiar town must have changed from 52,201 by now?


Perhaps the roadside sign hasn’t been changed since the early 90s. Perhaps Twin Peaks really hasn’t varied in all this time. Very soon we will find out, with ‘The Return’ set to air in the UK at exactly the same time as the US, from 2am on Monday 22 May on Sky Atlantic.

The other exciting shot of the new trailer is of Kyle MacLachlan himself, who appears also to have hardly changed since he first ended his tenure as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.


The series will begin with a two-hour premiere episode, and will run to 18 hours in total. The new episodes are written and produced by original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, with the action set 25 years after the events of season two.