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Did you spot these Gwyneth Paltrow jokes in The Politician season 2?

The Hollywood star is one of the biggest names on Netflix.

Gwyneth Paltrow stars in The Politician on Netflix
Published: Saturday, 20th June 2020 at 11:21 am

Ryan Murphy's satirical drama The Politician isn't shy about how much it adores its most famous cast member: Gwyneth Paltrow.


The Academy Award-winning actress plays Georgina Hobart, the mother of the main character, in the zany series which dropped its second season on Netflix yesterday.

In-keeping with the rise of populist leaders around the globe, the new episodes include a subplot in which the entire state of California falls in love with Paltrow's sophisticated socialite as she runs for governor.

It appears the minds behind The Politician feel a similar way, as they have sprinkled some fun references to her real-life career throughout season two.

The most obvious jokes can be found in the episode titles; the second instalment is called Conscious Unthroupling, which alludes to the infamous phrase Paltrow used to describe her separation from Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

In addition, the sixth episode is titled What's in the Box?, which is an iconic line from David Fincher's dark crime thriller Seven, in which Paltrow co-starred opposite Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

But the gags don't end there, as in the final episode of season two, Payton Hobart's girlfriend Alice discusses what she plans to do with her life, explaining she will either train as a doctor or "start a lifestyle brand."

This appears to be another playful jab at Paltrow, who has taken fewer acting roles in recent years as she has devoted more time to her lifestyle brand Goop, which recently became the subject of its own Netflix series.

It's possible that the Avengers actress may well be in on these jokes, given that she is married to The Politician's co-creator Brad Falchuk.


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