The OC is being turned into a musical

We demand a Captain Oates-themed power ballad

The OC is coming back – but this time it’s headed to the stage. The classic mid-noughties teen drama (which launched the careers of Mischa Barton, Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson) will be adapted for a one-off musical this summer, produced by the same team that created Cruel Intentions: The Musical for a performance in Los Angeles.


So far details are sketchy, but according to Variety only the roles of Kirsten Cohen (aka Kelly Rowan’s matriarch in the TV series) and alpha-male jock Luke Ward have been cast, alongside series creator Josh Schwartz who will apparently appear as an onstage character in a very meta flourish.

The August 30th performance will be directed by Jordan Ross and produced by Lindsey Rosin in Los Angeles, and while we have no idea as yet what songs Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer will be belting out, it’d be an absolute travesty if some adaptation of the series theme wasn’t used. All together now – “We’ve been on the run, driving from the sun…”

Running from 2003-2007, The OC told the story of a young man (Ben McKenzie) from a tough background who moved into the wealthier society of Orange County, California, becoming part of a rich family as he navigated the classic pitfalls of adolescence.


It also starred Peter Gallagher, Tate Donovan, Alan Dale and Melinda Clarke among others, with movie stars Chris Pratt and Olivia Wilde appearing in early roles.

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