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The Musketeers series three air date confirmed

The final ever series of the BBC1 drama will begin Saturday 28th May

Published: Wednesday, 18th May 2016 at 3:14 pm

The third and final series of BBC1's The Musketeers will air on Saturday 28th May, the BBC confirm.


Series three is set to begin at the slightly odd time of 9.30pm, so best make sure you have that series reminder logged in now.

The drama's exec producer Jess Pope promised fans that The Musketeers would go out with a bang. "Season 3 of The Musketeers completes this 30-hour series with ambition and energy", she said.

"It is a season that will delight its fans and pay off everything they have come to love about the show. Bigger in scale and more serialised than before, it has been real privilege and a joy to produce such a fabulous piece of entertainment for the BBC."


Actor Rupert Everett joins the cast for the third and final series as new villain Phillipe Feron. "He just wants to play around and live by his wits, getting as much money as he can," Everett said. "He has a degenerative spine disorder, and he’s a junkie. So he has a lot of things going for him! Or going against him if you will!"


The Musketeers series three begins Saturday 28th May at 9.30pm on BBC1


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