The Mountain from Game of Thrones has a warning for Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portugal captain had better not score against Iceland...


When massive muscle-bound strongmen make threats, it’s wise to listen – so we’re betting that Cristiano Ronaldo will be pretty nervous this Euro 2016 after receiving a vaguely terrifying message from Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known as villainous beast The Mountain in Game of Thrones.


You see, it turns out that Björnsson is pretty keen for his home country of Iceland to do well this year, and he’s willing to pull out his best intimidation techniques to help them get through their first match with Portugal on June 14th.

Speaking in a BBC World Service video, Björnsson warns: “I have a message for Cristiano Ronaldo. I know you’re playing against Iceland in the first game.

“If you dare to score against my teammates, I will find you and crush your head!”

In case you were wondering, yes this is something Björnsson has done before, and Pedro Pascal’s Oberyn Martell didn’t come very well out of it.


Probably best for Ronaldo to find another champion to represent him in the match. Maybe the Hound is free…


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