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Euro 2016 TV coverage guide and fixtures list

Check our up to date guide to when and where to watch every match in Euro 2016 on TV

Published: Thursday, 7th July 2016 at 9:00 am

The Euro 2016 Last 16 fixtures have been confirmed, and BBC and ITV have chosen which matches they will broadcast live.


Below is the complete match calendar and TV fixture guide for every game coming up, showing kick-off times, dates and channels. Scroll down to see previous results.

The Euro 2016 final is on Sunday 10 July at 8pm, live on the BBC and ITV.

Euro 2016 live on TV – coverage guide and fixture calendar

Wednesday 6 July: Semi-Final 1

Portugal v Wales: Result 2-0

Thursday 7 July: Semi-Final 2

Germany v France coverage from 7:30pm on BBC1 (kick-off 8pm)

Sunday 10 July: Euro 2016 final, kick-off 8pm BBC1 and ITV

Quarter-final results

Thursday 30 June: Quarter-Final 1

Poland v Portugal Result: 1-1 (Portugal win 5-3 on penalties)

Friday 1 July: Quarter-Final 2

Wales v Belgium Result: 3-1

Saturday 2 July: Quarter-Final 3

Germany v Italy Result: 1-1 (Germany win 6-5 on penalties)

Sunday 3 July: Quarter-Final 4

France v Iceland Result: 5-2

Euro 2016 Round of 16 results

Saturday 25 June: Round of 16

Switzerland v Poland Result: 1-1 (Poland win 5-4 on penalties)
Wales v Northern Ireland Result: 1-0
Croatia v Portugal Result: 0-1

Sunday 26 June: Round of 16

France v Republic of Ireland Result:2-1
Germany v Slovakia Result: 3-0
Hungary v Belgium Result: 0-4

Monday 27 June: Round of 16

Italy v Spain 5pm BBC1 2-0
England v Iceland 8pm ITV 1-2

Euro 2016 Group Stage results

Friday 10 June

France v Romania Group A. Result: 2-1

Saturday 11 June

Albania v Switzerland Group A: Result: 0-1
Wales v Slovakia Group B: Result: 2-1
England v Russia Group B: Result: 1-1 

Sunday 12 June

Turkey v Croatia Group D: Result: 0-1
Poland v Northern Ireland Group C: Result: 0-1
Germany v Ukraine Group C: Result: 2-0

Monday 13 June

Spain v Czech Republic Group D: Result: 1-0
Republic of Ireland v Sweden: Result: 1-1
Belgium v Italy Group E: Result: 0-2

Tuesday 14 June

Austria v Hungary Group F: Result: 0-2
Portugal v Iceland Group F: Result: 1-1

Wednesday 15 June

Russia v Slovakia Group B: Result: 1-2
Romania v Switzerland Group A: Result:1-1
France v Albania Group A: Result: 2-0

Thursday 16 June

England v Wales Group B: Result 2-1
Ukraine v Northern Ireland Group C: Result: 0-2
Germany v Poland Group C: Result: 0-0

Friday 17 June

Italy v Sweden Group E: Result: 1-0
Czech Republic v Croatia Group D: 5pm BBC1
Spain v Turkey Group D: 8pm ITV

Saturday 18 June

Belgium v Republic of Ireland Group E: Result: 3-0
Iceland v Hungary Group F: Result: 1-1
Portugal v Austria Group F: Result: 0-0

Sunday 19 June

Romania v Albania Group A: Result: 0-1
Switzerland v France Group A: Result: 0-0

Monday 20 June

Russia v Wales Group B: Result: 0-3
Slovakia v England Group B: Result: 0-0

Tuesday 21 June

Northern Ireland v Germany Group C: Result: 0-1
Ukraine v Poland Group C: Result: 0-1
Croatia v Spain Group D: Result: 2-1
Czech Republic v Turkey Group D: Result: 0-2


Wednesday 22 June

Hungary v Portugal Group F: Result: 3-3
Iceland v Austria 
Group F: Result: 2-1
Italy v Republic of Ireland
 Group E: Result: 0-1
Sweden v Belgium 
Group E: Result: 0-1


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