The Level’s Karla Crome on what could happen in series 2

Will there be a second series of ITV's Brighton-based thriller? Crome's hoping so


As series finales go, The Level’s was left pretty open, wasn’t it? Yes, baddie Darryl (finally) met his end via a police shootout on Brighton Pier, main good-cop-and-bad-cop Nancy Devlin (finally) patched things together with Noel Clarke’s Gunner Martin, and Hayley (finally) discovered she’s Nancy’s sister. But it was an episode that raised a few questions too.


Will Hayley really survive going undercover? Is there more to Frank Le Saux’s criminal empire than we first thought? And – here’s the big one – will there be more episodes of the ITV thriller?

ITV hasn’t commissioned a second series of The Level, but Karla Crome, the actress who plays Nancy, is keen for a second run of the show: “I would love to do another one!” she told . “I had such a great time and I was really pleased how it turned out.”

And where could the plot develop in future episodes? Crome gave us her guess: “I think it will concentrate on the aftermath of Frank leaving behind this criminal empire and Nancy and Hayley to pick up all the pieces.”

She added: “I think the characters are interesting enough to have plenty more life after series one.”


We’ll just have to see whether ITV think the same.