The Good Wife finale is “satisfying, uplifting, sad” says Julianna Margulies

The star said the episode is “nothing but brilliant”


The Good Wife’s lead Julianna Margulies found the script for the finale “nothing but brilliant” she revealed, speaking on a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Asked to summarise the episode in three words, she called it “satisfying, uplifting, sad”.

Her co-star Crush Jumbo described it as “happy, sad, sexy”, while the show’s writers Michelle and Robert King called it “the end, unfortunately”.

The writers also teased what might happen in the finale, with Michelle King listing the rumours and then confirming: “one of those is true”…

According to her, these possibilities include that “Peter [is] going to be starting another affair. Alicia and Eli kissed. Alicia and Jason ran off happily together. Michelle Obama guest-starred.”

Another rumour is that Will Gardner, who was killed off in the fifth season, will return.

Speaking on finales generally, Robert King said: “I don’t think the best finales have wrapped up all the loose ends. They’re novelistic and novels have a lot of ambiguity. You want a last episode that resonates”.

Margulies, who has played lawyer Alicia Florrick for seven seasons, admitted that it took her a while to digest the final script, saying: “I read it once, and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, because I was emotionally confused, because I had so many emotions knowing I was wrapping this character up.”

According to Margulies, the Kings gave her the script with a bottle of wine and a note reading “Alicia should be drinking while reading this.”

“So I opened the wine. And I poured a wee glass, not an Alicia-sized glass,” Margulies said.

“I then read it a fourth time and I then could digest it. I wrote [the Kings] three lines: ‘Nothing but brilliant’.”


Episode 13 of the final season of The Good Wife airs on Thursday April 21st. The finale will be shown on 8th May in the US and 23rd June in the UK.