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The Good Karma Hospital star James Krishna Floyd teases future of Ruby and Gabriel's "rollercoaster" relationship

What does the future look like for Dr Gabriel Varma and Dr Ruby Walker?

Good Karma Hospital - James Krishna Floyd as Dr Gabriel Varma
Published: Friday, 6th July 2018 at 12:37 pm

When will The Good Karma Hospital's Dr Gabriel Varma and Dr Ruby Walker FINALLY rip off their surgical masks and go in for a passionate kiss?


Their relationship is looking more promising as we head into series two – but apparently it's going to be a "real rollercoaster." After all, the course of true love never did run smooth.

"When you're about the same age and as ambitious as both of them are, and as headstrong as both of them are – especially Gabriel – that throws up a lot of problems, a lot of roadblocks," says James Krishna Floyd, who plays Dr Varma.

"It's clear that they like each other, we know that now from episode one. But that doesn't mean that they're necessarily going to be together, whatever that means."

Despite their obvious chemistry, Gabriel and Ruby have had a difficult, sparky relationship since the latter (Amrita Acharia) rocked up in South India.

In series two they'll be thrown together more than ever as senior doctor Gabriel is tasked with training junior doctor Ruby as a surgeon.

The Good Karma Hospital

"Well the relationship definitely moves on, that's for sure," Floyd tells "It's a really interesting sort of 'tennis match' between the two."

He adds: "What I feel about their relationship may be very different to what anyone else thinks, but for me I think, they're constantly dancing with each other and they enjoy that dance.

"But I think a lot of the banter and that sort of acerbic wit that both of them can have, and that kind of at times quite cold relationship they can have – a lot of that, I think it's just a smokescreen. I think because really they do enjoy spending time with each other."

Gabriel in The Good Karma Hospital

The drama, created by screenwriter and former medical doctor Dan Sefton, will increasingly take things beyond the hospital walls in series two. We'll also find out a lot more about our core cast of characters.

"The writers have been very clever and have really doubled down on the main characters, they've basically just gone much deeper into the characters that are already there," Floyd says.

"And with Ruby and Gabriel especially, I think we're going to see a lot of colours coming through from both of them and their 'relationship' goes through a real rollercoaster. That's something that I think the audience were obviously asking for, but it was something that we wanted to delve into even more.


"And then, I think generally what happens, is that all the characters are really thrown into situations that are more outside of the hospital. So it's no longer just about inside. And there's even more activity outside that comfort zone."


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