The Frankenstein Chronicles is returning for a second series on ITV

Sean Bean is back in the lead role in the channel's very dark re-working of Mary Shelley's novel


A second series of The Frankenstein Chronicles has been commissioned by ITV, starring Sean Bean once again in the lead role of John Marlott.


The drama, inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel, centres around war veteran Marlott, who in pursuit a terrifying killer, finds himself in the grimiest, most chilling corners of Georgian London.

As he investigates, he comes up against medical establishment and powerful political forces wrestling with the march of scientific progress.

The first series was dark, grimy and bleak – but absorbing as it took viewers into a world of body-snatchers and crooks.

The Frankenstein Chronicles was created by director and writer Benjamin Ross (The Young Poisoner’s Handbook) and writer Barry Langford (Torte Bluma).


Production on the new series is set to begin in Northern Ireland in January 2017.