Nicknamed "Scaussie Noir" as a nod to its Scottish and Australian crossover, The Cry was filmed on both sides of the globe – as Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and Alistair (Ewen Leslie) take their baby son Noah from Glasgow to Melbourne.

Executive producer Claire Mundell said she was "thrilled" to be shooting the drama "in the incredible Australian light of Melbourne, and contrasting that with the beautiful West End of Glasgow." But what are the locations we see on screen?

Here's our location guide for BBC One's The Cry:

Where was The Cry filmed in Scotland?

Jenna Coleman with a pram on The Cry

Filming for The Cry took place in Glasgow. Jenna Coleman and other stars including Ewen Leslie and Sophie Kennedy Clark were spotted shooting scenes all over the city, including Argyle Street and outside the Gallery of Modern Art.

Coleman told the Scottish Sun: “We’ve been out to Loch Lomond to shoot and all over the city to Hamilton and Finnieston and we went to Pollok Park so we’ve got a really good sweep."

GlasgowLive has identified other filming locations as the Sixty Steps and Kelvinside Terrace West near the Botanic Gardens.

Where was The Cry filmed in Australia?

Filming for The Cry began in Melbourne with a 10-week shoot.

The Cry uses the nearly small coastal town of Queenscliff as one key location, with filming taking place inside the Queenscliff Grocer in Hesse Street, and at Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

Melbourne's inner city area will also appear on screen, as well as nearby Williamstown. Other locations include the Western Harbour Anglers Club, Presbyterian Church and the Jawbone Fauna and Flora Reserve.

The Cry’s Melbourne location manager Nicci Dillon told Film Victoria: “I was tasked with finding the locations that would not only work to Jacqueline Perske's amazing adaptation but also ones that visually juxtaposed the vast horizons and big blue skies of Australia against the grey skies and cooler landscapes of Glasgow."

Where were the plane scenes filmed?

The Cry plane scene

Joanna (Jenna Coleman) takes an extremely traumatic flight from Scotland to Australia in episode one, spending 24 hours cooped up with a screaming baby and a bunch of extremely irritated passengers.

But while this wasn't actually filmed up in the clouds, it did feel like quite a journey. The filming took place in Maidenhead at the very end of the shoot, and the actors and extras spent three days on board the 'aeroplane' for 12 hour stretches. "Really, it was like going to Melbourne," Coleman joked.

The production team used an aeroplane adapted as a set to create these scenes.

At White Waltham Airfield near Maidenhead in the Berkshire countryside, a company called Shoot Aviation runs a WW2 airfield as a major filming location. With 11 hangars (both period and modern), production teams have access to airliner interiors and exteriors of all varieties.