When Joanna (Jenna Coleman) travels to Australia with her husband Alistair (Ewen Leslie) and their young baby Noah, she finds herself facing every mother's nightmare: her child goes missing.


Four-part BBC drama The Cry takes us through the aftermath of the tragedy as Joanna's psychological state disintegrates in the glare of public scrutiny. And at at the heart of the drama is the question: what really happened to Noah?

The Cry, which was filmed in Australia and Scotland, is adapted by screenwriter Jacquelin Perske from the novel by Helen FitzGerald.

Here are the characters and cast you need to meet:

Jenna Coleman plays Joanna

The Cry - First Look

Who is Joanna? A new mother to baby boy, Noah. She and her husband Alistair travel from Scotland to Australia to visit his family and to seek custody of Alistair's teenage daughter. Joanna is a primary school teacher but now finds herself struggling with the demands of motherhood.

Where have I seen Jenna Coleman before? The actress has two big roles under her belt: the Doctor's companion Clara in Doctor Who, and her ongoing role as Queen Victoria in ITV's Victoria. Her other credits include Death Comes to Pemberley, Me Before You, and Dancing on the Edge.

Ewen Leslie plays Alistair

Ewen Leslie as Alistair in The Cry

Who is Alistair? Joanna's husband and the father of Noah. An Australian who now works in politics in Scotland, Alistair has an older daughter who lives with his ex-wife in Australia – and now he's determined to seek custody.

Where have I seen Ewen Leslie before? The Australian actor starred alongside Elisabeth Moss in Top of the Lake. You may also have seen him in Safe Harbour as Ryan Gallagher.

Asher Keddie plays Alexandra

Asher Keddie plays Alexandra in The Cry

Who is Alexandra? Alistair's ex-wife. She now lives in Australia with their daughter, who she struggles to keep under control.

Where have I seen Asher Keddie before? The actress starred as Nina Proudman in the TV series Offspring. Her other credits include Party Tricks, Rush, and Underbelly.

Stella Gonet plays Alistair's mother Elizabeth

Stella Gonet plays Alistair's mother Elizabeth in The Cry

Who is Elizabeth? Alistair's mother, who lives in Australia. She's built a relationship with her former daughter-in-law Alexandra and her granddaughter Chloe, but is excited about the visit from Alistair, Joanna and Noah.

Where have I seen Stella Gonet before? A star of stage and screen, the Scottish actress has appeared in The Crown (as Margaret Lambert), Man Down, Humans and Siblings. She played Jayne Grayson Holby City until 2009.

Sophie Kennedy Clark plays Kirsty

Sophie Kennedy Clark plays Kirsty in The Cry

Who is Kirsty? Joanna's best friend. She and Joanna have struggled to maintain their close friendship since Noah was born, but Kirsty is keen to be there for her – and Joanna is grateful for Kirsty's support.

Where have I seen Sophie Kennedy Clark before? One of her first TV appearances was as Lauren in Black Mirror episode The National Anthem. Her other credits include The Danish Girl, Dark Shadows, and Nymphomaniac.

Markella Kavenagh plays Chloe

Markella Kavenagh plays Chloe in The Cry

Who is Chloe? Alistair and Alexandra's daughter. She now lives in Australia with her mother, who struggles to control her rebellious behaviour.

Where have I seen Markella Kavenagh before? The young actress plays Cindi in the TV series Romper Stomper, and appeared as Myrtle in Australian drama Picnic at Hanging Rock - recently seen on BBC2.

Amanda Walker plays Mrs Amery

Amanda Walker plays airplane passenger Mrs Amery in The Cry

Who is Mrs Amery? The kind airline passenger who sat near Joanna and Alistair on the plane. She offered to help with Noah when Joanna was at the end of her tether.

Where have I seen Amanda Walker before? The actress has appeared in Sense8, Cloud Atlas, and 28 Weeks Later.

Shauna MacDonald plays Dr Wallace

Shauna MacDonald plays Dr Wallace in The Cry

Who is Dr Wallace? The psychiatrist tasked with determining whether Joanna is fit to stand trial.

Where have I seen Shauna MacDonald before? The Scottish actress played Sarah in horror movie The Descent. Her other credits include In Plain Sight, Danger Mouse, and MI-5.

Anneika Rose plays Jean-Louise Talbot

Anneika Rose plays Jean-Louise Talbot in The Cry

Who is Jean-Louise Talbot? One of Alistair's colleagues. She also serves as Joanna and Alistair's publicist when Noah goes missing.

Where have I seen Anneika Rose before? You may remember her as Farida from Line of Duty. She also plays Lila Shariff in Ackley Bridge, and has also appeared in Apple Tree Yard, Silent Witness, Electric Dreams and The Good Karma Hospital.

Alex Dimitriades plays Detective Peter Alexiades

Alex Dimitriades plays Detective Peter Alexiades in The Cry

Who is Detective Peter Alexiades? The local detective tasked with finding out the truth about Noah's disappearance. He is Alistair's friend from school, and also briefly dated Alexandra.

Where have I seen Alex Dimitriades before? An Australian film and TV actor, whose credits include Head On, Let's Get Skase, La Spagnola, Ghost Ship, The Priciple, and The Slap.

Shareena Clanton plays Detective Lorna Jones

Shareena Clanton plays Detective Lorna Jones in The Cry

Who is Detective Lorna Jones? Peter's partner in the investigation.


Where have I seen Shareena Clanton before? Previous roles have included Doreen in the TV series Wentworth, Sonia in Nowhere Boys, and Regina in Aussie Rangers.