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Taboo writer updates fans with series two progress – and reveals how he wants the Tom Hardy drama to end

Writer Steven Knight says that the scripts are "almost completed" ahead of the anticipated return of the BBC drama

Tom Hardy Taboo

It’s been two years since we were first introduced to the hugely ambitious Taboo, masterminded by Peaky Blinders showrunner Steven Knight alongside star Tom Hardy and his father Chips.


The show followed adventurer James Delaney (Tom Hardy), as he stalked 19th-century London in a bid to claim his inheritance from his late father.

While the eight-part series proved a breakout hit for BBC1 in early 2017, little has been said about the confirmed second series – until now.

Series creator Knight has confirmed that the scripts for series two are almost completed, and that he hopes that the drama will go into production in late 2019 or early 2020.

He then added that the current plan is to do a total of three series, all made up of eight hour-long episodes.

Speaking to Collider to promote his latest project Serenity, the 60-year-old explained, “If we all stick with it and we all want to keep doing it, it would be three [series]. That’s my plan.

“I’ve got a geographical sort of route for the thing to take," he added. "It’s basically a journey west. I have a destination in mind, which is always nice to have if you’re setting off on this big journey, which is what writing three eight-hours is. It’s good to know where you’re headed.”

Alfie Solomons, BBC Pictures, SL

Tom Hardy in BBC drama Peaky Blinders (BBC)

Taboo is not Knight’s first collaboration with Hardy: the pair previously worked together when Hardy guest starred in BBC drama Peaky Blinders as Alfie Solomons.

He also starred in Knight’s 2013 project Locke, a unique thriller which saw Hardy appear as the only on-screen actor, playing a character who races down to London to be at the birth of his child.

“Locke and Taboo came about because of each other," Knight said, "where I was invited to meet with Tom to talk about writing this thing, Taboo, and I was developing Locke.

Steven Knight and Tom Hardy, Getty, SL

Steven Knight and Tom Hardy at the launch of Taboo (BBC)

“Tom was parking his car and I spoke to his manager and said, ‘Do you mind if I mention this project?’ so we did a deal where he would do Locke if I did Taboo.”

Knight added the partnership worked so well due to their sole focus on material.

“I think it works because we don’t socialise,” he said. "I think the relationship is totally about the work. The great thing about Tom is that’s his passion, the work. The acting. He’s not a fan of celebrity. But he just loves to act. He loves the process and the craft."


This article was originally published on 15 January 2019


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