Channel 4 drama Suspect is now available in full on All4 – and warning, there are big ending spoilers ahead.


Starring James Nesbitt as a detective determined to solve his daughter's death, the series concludes with his character finally being proved right... before a huge twist ending.

We first met Danny (Nesbitt) when he attended what he thought was going to be a routine ID check on an identified body, only to discover that the deceased was in fact his estranged daughter, Christina.

Despite pathologist Jackie (Joely Richardson) determining that Christina had died by suicide, Danny quickly became convinced that Christina had been killed, and he began to seek out the people who she'd been in contact with before her death.

Read on for everything you need to know about the end of Channel 4 thriller Suspect, available to watch as a box-set on All4.

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Who killed Christina in Suspect?

Joely Richardson plays Jackie in Suspect

In the final episode of Suspect, Danny deduced that it was pathologist Jackie – who we first met in episode 1 – who killed his estranged daughter Christina.

He first made the connection when he spotted a torn-up plastic wrapper on Jackie's kitchen counter, and had a flashback to Christina's apartment, where he had found similar debris on her coffee table.

Jackie killed Christina because she had threatened to expose her for falsifying a past autopsy report for Ryan (played Sam Heughan), with whom Jackie had been having an affair.

It was Jackie who drugged Christina before staging her death by suicide, all while safe in the knowledge that she would be able to cover her tracks, as she would be the one to conduct the autopsy.

Danny also realised that, before her murder, Christina had planned to visit him personally and give him the news about Jackie's past wrongdoing.

What happened at the end of Suspect episode 8?

At the end of the episode, Danny learnt that Christina's body had already been cremated, meaning there was nothing to implicate Jackie.

Danny – who realised there was no way to prove Jackie's guilt – stabbed her in the chest with a kitchen knife during a moment alone with her, killing his daughter's murderer.

Moments later, we saw him in the back of a police car, clearly under arrest for Jackie's murder, and speaking to a hallucination of Christina.

At first, he seemed quietly triumphant about avenging his daughter, telling the vision of Christina that it was all "over", only for her to reply that nothing was over, before vanishing.

"Christina?" he said aloud, waiting for her to reappear – before the scene faded and the credits rolled.

Suspect is available to watch as a box-set on All4. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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