When is Succession on TV in the UK? Who’s in the cast and what’s it about?

All the information you need to know about HBO's latest drama about an American family warring over their global media company

After hearing Logan's plan to expand in to local TV, Kendall begins to plot a vote of no confidence against his father. Greg drives his ornery grandfather Ewan from Canada to New York for a Thanksgiving reunion with Logan. Tom grows increasingly concerned about the terms of his prenuptial agreement with Shiv, and recruits Greg for a clandestine task. The family is surprised by Connor's choice of date at Thanksgiving dinner.

The more money, the more problems. HBO’s newest drama sees a dysfunctional American global-media family contemplating what is in store for the empire when their father decides it’s time to step down.


Who will be the new head of the empire? Will the business stay afloat? Can the father relinquish his power? This Will-Ferrell-produced series is no laughing matter.

Find out everything you need to know about Jesse Armstrong’s (Peep Show, The Thick of it) latest creation below.

Where can I watch Succession on TV?

 Succession airs in the UK on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

Is there a trailer?

Who’s in the cast?

Brian Cox (Troy) plays ageing kingpin Logan Roy, with Jeremy Strong (The Big Short) playing his son and the ‘heir with flair’ Kendall Roy.

Brian Cox as head of the family Logan Roy (Sky, JF)
Brian Cox as head of the family Logan Roy (Sky, JF)

Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) play Kendall’s younger siblings, while other stars include Hiam Abbass (playing Marcia Roy), Alan Ruck (as Connor Roy) and Natalie Gold (Rava Roy).

Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook (Sky, JF)
Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook (Sky, JF)

What’s it about?        

With a storyline that wouldn’t look out of place inside the Murdoch headquarters, Succession tracks the lives of the Roy family and the state of their empire as their father looks to step back due to his age.


Is no amount of money enough when you have too much to begin with? The ego power struggle for the reins of the family empire will go on until there is a victor – unless they bring the business to its knees and then what’s left to squabble over?