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Strike vs. Victoria: Did BBC1 or ITV win the ratings battle?

In a poll of readers, the new JK Rowling adaptation beat the second series of ITV's Victoria

Published: Monday, 28th August 2017 at 10:19 am

Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling was up against the second series of Victoria as BBC1 and ITV went head to head in a ratings battle on Sunday night.


Although the overnight ratings hadn't yet been published at the time of writing, a poll of readers suggests that Strike won over more viewers.

A total of 67% of readers said that they watched JK Rowling adaptation on BBC1 at 9.05pm. 21% of those viewers recorded Victoria to watch later.

Meanwhile viewing Victoria live as it aired - also at 9.05pm - appealed to 32% of viewers.

Writing on the Radio Times Facebook page, Lucy Wright said: "Loved Strike, thought it was very promising and I really enjoyed the books too. Recorded Victoria so I can get rid of the ads!"

Susan Black agreed: "Strike which was excellent. Recorded Victoria to miss the adverts."

However Kim Pike was team Jenna Coleman: "Victoria - loved the first series, so had to watch it tonight!"

Jo Ann Carroll, meanwhile, "got so excited about finale of Game of Thornes, forgot to record Victoria".


It's easily done, Jo!


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