Dead phones, defaced first editions and dodgy extras – viewers point out small but annoying issues with ITV’s Strangers

John Simm made his debut as Professor Jonah Mulray, but all anyone could think about is how he could have actually written in a first edition of Jane Eyre

Strangers cast (ITV, EH)

John Simm and Emilia Fox’s new ITV thriller Strangers has begun  – but when it comes down to the details, viewers have been left scratching their heads over a bunch of small (but significant) niggles.


The series stars Simm as academic Jonah Mulray trying to unravel the mystery of his wife’s death in Hong Kong, but viewers were initially more concerned about an extremely valuable gift that Jonah gave to his wife.

The gift in question? A first edition of Jane Eyre, which university lecturer Jonah bought (HOW?) and then wrote in (WHAT?) and then gave to his wife, who for some reason didn’t say anything about him vandalising this beautiful book.

(For those wondering, a first edition of Jane Eyre is worth about £40,000.)

Other viewers were quick to point out some of the “performances” by the extras…

Viewers were also bemused by Jonah’s inability to charge his phone, or even locate a charger in the first place.

Strangers episode one was definitely action-packed – but it left some viewers reeling:

…And asking a lot of questions about Megan’s double-husband situation, and what Jonah’s doing in Hong Kong in the first place.

But perhaps the rest of the series will give us some answers?

Strangers continues on Mondays at 9pm on ITV


This article was originally published on 11 September 2018

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