Spin preview: “sharp suits and even sharper dialogue”

This French political drama is timely and compelling


The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last November have lent a grisly urgency to Spin, a new French political drama that in terms of quality is up there with Spiral and The Returned.


Starring Spiral and Mr Selfridge’s Grégory Fitoussi and The Tourist’s Bruno Wolkowitch (main image), the drama begins with a bomb attack on the Republic’s president. Is it the work of a terrorist or simply a crazed and desperate man?

As the police work to discover the answer to that question, things get frantic behind the scenes as politicians and their aides jockey for position in the ensuing power vacuum.

Former presidential advisor Simon Kapita (Wolkowitch) wants to preserve the honour of the president, who was his friend, and sides with low-level minister Anne Visage in opposition to baddie prime minister Philippe Deleuvre, who has set his beady eyes on the Elysée Palace.

However, Kapita finds his former protégé Ludovic Desmeuze (Fitoussi) has betrayed him and is now working for Deleuvre, who quickly involves himself in a cover-up about the attacker’s real motives.

With their sharp suits and even sharper dialogue, the spin doctors go to war in a drama that provides a sassy examination of the ruthless power games at the top of French politics.


Spin begins on More4 today (Friday 8th January) at 9.00pm