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Someone slowed down Bran’s visions from this week’s Game of Thrones, and it’s very revealing

Could this be the end of King's Landing?

Published: Tuesday, 31st May 2016 at 10:34 am

The flashbacks and visions of Bran Stark have been incredibly revealing in this series of Game of Thrones, hinting at long-buried secrets and providing origin stories for long-running characters.


And of course this week’s episode was no exception, the action opening with a cavalcade of images and flashbacks as Bran “downloaded” an incredible amount of information all at once.

In fact, some images passed by so quick that we were barely sure we even saw them – until one enterprising fan slowed down the footage and all was revealed.

In the video from Mayes T we can see more clearly Bran’s flashbacks to the last Targaryen ruler Aerys (aka The Mad King) and his own family’s deaths, with the actions of the evil White Walkers prevalent throughout.

However, more mysterious moments also make an appearance – whose bloody hand is this, and could it have something to do with Ned Stark and his sister Lyanna's abduction?


And why is there such an emphasis on the wildfire Aerys had made that’s still stored within King’s Landing, an emphasis made even more clear when everything is in slow-motion? Are the scenes of King’s Landing burning from within from the past, or the future?


Hopefully we’ll learn more in the coming weeks – but if we lived in King’s Landing, we’d look at investing in a few buckets of water sharpish.


Game of Thrones continues on Sky Atlantic next Monday at 2am and 9:00pm


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