*Warning: Contains spoilers for Slow Horses season 3 episodes 1-5*


It may feel like we've only just got the Slough House team back on our screens in Slow Horses season 3, but already the new run is coming to an end, with the finale now on the horizon.

The fifth and penultimate episode left River and Louisa in extreme jeopardy, while Jackson, Catherine and Roddy faced their own oncoming threat.

This season has featured two major guest stars joining the cast, with Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù playing Sean Donovan and Katherine Waterston playing Alison Dunn – although a cruel twist at the beginning of the series meant that she didn't last long.

But, with fans left on tenterhooks ahead of the finale, when can they expect to see the sixth and final episode? Read on for everything you need to know about the release schedule for Slow Horses season 3.

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When is Slow Horses season 3 episode 6 out on Apple TV+?

Gary Oldman in Slow Horses wearing a green shirt and tie, brown jacket
Gary Oldman in Slow Horses. Apple TV+

The sixth and final episode of Slow Horses season 3, which is titled Footprints, will be released on Apple TV+ on Wednesday 27th December.

This means it will be arriving one week after episode 5, and four weeks after the new season's two-episode debut.

Slow Horses season 3 release schedule

If you're looking for the full release schedule for Slow Horses season 3, then look no further – you can find a full list of the release dates for each of the season's six episodes below.

The season will run from 29th November to 27th December 2023, with the episodes releasing as follows:

  • Episode 1 – Strange Games – Wednesday 29th November 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 2 – Hard Lessons – Wednesday 29th November 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 3 – Negotiating with Tigers – Wednesday 6th December 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 4 – Uninvited Guests – Wednesday 13th December 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 5 – Cleaning Up – Wednesday 20th December 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 6 – Footprints – Wednesday 27th December 2023

Slow Horses season 3 release time

Each new episode of Slow Horses season 3 will arrive on Apple TV+ at midnight Pacific Time, meaning those in the UK can watch the episodes from 8am GMT.

What is Slow Horses season 3 about?

Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù in Slow Horses
Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù in Slow Horses. Apple TV+

The new season of Slow Horses is based on Mick Herron's third novel in the Slough House series, Real Tigers.

The official synopsis for the season says: "In season three, a romantic liaison in Istanbul threatens to expose a buried MI5 secret in London.

"When Jackson Lamb and his team of misfits are dragged into the fight, they find themselves caught in a conspiracy that threatens the future not just of Slough House but of MI5 itself."

Slow Horses season 3 will come to an end on Wednesday 27th December, while seasons 1-2 are available to watch now on Apple TV+. Sign up to Apple TV+ now. Mick Herron's full Slough House book series is available now.

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