readers hail “brilliant” Shetland finale cliffhanger

Viewers have weighed in on that jaw-dropping ending. **CONTAINS SEASON SIX SPOILERS**


BBC One crime drama Shetland ended on a cliffhanger on Wednesday night, with the fates of DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) and Duncan Hunter (Mark Bonnar) left uncertain – at least until season seven hits our screens next year.


Both Jimmy and Duncan were arrested on suspicion of murder in the tense Shetland season six finale, after Donna Killick (Fiona Bell) managed to frame both men for her own death as a final act of revenge. readers have since hailed the season six finale as “brilliant,” and said that they’re already counting down until the next season.

“Great storyline, absolutely brilliant series and what an ending. Can’t wait for the next,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another reader praised the series finale as “excellent”, adding: “Perez [is a] great character and played by a very good actor, Mr Henshall. Good storyline. Need to know when the next series begins. I care about these characters so I know it’s good!”

Viewers also shared their thoughts on “evil” convicted killer Donna Killick, who returned to Shetland at the start of the sixth season (if you’re curious about where Shetland is filmed, check out our location guide).

Shetland fans will remember Donna from season four, when she was revealed to be a murderer after Jimmy Perez reopened the cold case murder of teenager Lizzie Kilmuir. In season six, she was allowed to return home on compassionate grounds, after she was diagnosed with cancer in prison.

Shetland season seven production is already under way, after it was announced that the Shetland cast would be filming seasons six and seven back-to-back, following initial delays due to COVID-19.


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