Sherlock movie could happen says Mark Gatiss – but it would have to be BIG

"It would have to be a story of sufficient scale," the co-creator says as Sherlock: The Abominable Bride beats Star Wars in the Asian box office


Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are already movie stars, and Sherlock episodes are already feature length, but now co-creator Mark Gatiss has revealed they would consider going the whole hog and producing a Sherlock movie.


Provided they had the right story, of course.

“Of course we could do a movie but it would have to be a story of sufficient scale to make that move, because they’re already very big, very expensive and very movie-like,” he told the Daily Mirror. “We don’t want to just send the cast away on holiday.”

For many people Sherlock is already a movie to rival the biggest blockbusters. Following the worldwide cinema release of The Abominable Bride, it’s toppled Star Wars in Korea and raised $5.39 million (£3.7m) in its first day of release in China.

Whether a movie happens or not, Gatiss was quick to assure fans that despite busy schedules, new television episodes are coming.


“We’re doing three more episodes of Sherlock next spring, then we’ll see. Obviously Benedict and Martin are both hugely successful film stars, but they’re both very keen to do more.”