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Meet the cast of Sky Atlantic's Sharp Objects

Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson and Chris Messina headline this dark new drama from the director of Big Little Lies

Published: Sunday, 8th July 2018 at 8:00 am

Sharp Objects, the new drama from Big Little Lies director Jean-Marc Vallée and Buffy The Vampire Slayer scribe Marti Noxon, begins on Sky Atlantic in July.


The eight-part miniseries has been adapted from a novel by Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl fame). It centres around Camille Preaker (five-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams), a troubled, thirty-something journalist who returns to her home town to investigate the murder of two young girls, and comes face to face with her dark past in the process.

The cast may not have quite as many billboard names as Vallées' previous TV project, but there is no shortage of talent on show...

Find out everything you need to know about the cast of Sharp Objects below.

Amy Adams plays Camille Preaker

Who is Camille Preaker? A journalist for the St Louis Chronicle who is sent to cover the murders of two young girls in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri. Camille suffers from alcoholism and depression and has recently been discharged from a psychiatric centre after years of self-harm.

Where have I seen Amy Adams before? Amy Adams has narrowly missed out on an Oscar five times, despite majestic performances in The Master, The Fighter, Doubt, Junebug and American Hustle. Her more mainstream roles include Lois Lane in DC Comics' latest superman film series, and as a lovelorn tourist in romantic comedy Leap Year. Her last TV role was a three-episode stint in the US Office in 2006.

Patricia Clarkson plays Adora Crellin

Who is Adora Crellin? Camille's estranged mother and heiress to a pig-slaughtering empire – who reluctantly agrees to let her daughter stay with her during her trip. Her second daughter passed away from an ambiguous illness while Camille was a teenager – and Adora has never been the same since.

Where have I seen Patricia Clarkson before? She is perhaps best known for her roles in The Green Mile alongside Tom Hanks, and Far From Heaven with Julianne Moore. Her other major film roles include Easy A, Shutter Island and Friends With Benefits. On TV, she has appeared in House of Cards, Frasier and Six Feet Under.

Eliza Scanlen plays Amma Crellin

Who is Amma Crellin? Adora's teenage daughter, and Camille's half-sister. Despite her overbearing mother's best efforts, she is a wild child, who often sneaks out of the house and breaks curfew to party with her friends.

Where have I seen Eliza Scanlen before? The young Aussie actress starred as Tabitha Ford in Home and Away in 2016.

Chris Messina plays Detective Richard Willis

Who is Detective Richard Willis? A police officer from Kansas City who gets called in to investigate the murders. He and Camille develop a mutually beneficial relationship as they both work against resistance from the local police officers in uncovering the truth about the murders.

Where have I seen Chris Messina before? He is best known for his role as Danny in The Mindy Project, but he has also featured in films such as Ben Affleck's Argo, and romcoms Celeste and Jesse Forever, Like Crazy and Away We Go.

Matt Craven plays Chief Vickery

Who is Chief Vickery? The head of the Wind Gap police department who distrusts Camille's intentions and appears to be threatened by the presence of Detective Willis.

Where have I seen Matt Craven before? He starred as CIA Director McCone in X-Men First Class, LT Dave Spradling in A Few Good Men and Daniel Brecht in Disturbia.

Henry Czerny plays Alan Crellin

Who is Alan Crellin? Adora's stoical husband.

Where have I seen Henry Czerny before? He has featured in Mission Impossible, and the film reboots of The Pink Panther and The A-Team.

Elizabeth Perkins plays Jackie

Who is Jackie? Adora's best friend who serves as a confidante and mother-figure for the neglected Camille.

Where have I seen Elizabeth Perkins before? She played Susan in Big, and Celia in drug-friendly comedy Weeds. She has also made appearances in the most recent series' of This Is Us and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Taylor John Smith plays John Keene

Who is John Keene? Brother to one of the murdered girls, who is the prime suspect in both of the cases.

Where have I seen Taylor John Smith before? He has starred in teen dramas such as You Get Me, Almost Friends and Wolves.

Madison Davenport plays Meredith

Who is Meredith? John Keene's attention-hungry girlfriend.

Where have I seen Madison Davenport before? She is best known for roles in the US version of Shameless, Darren Aronofsky's Noah, and Tina Fey/Amy Poehler comedy Sisters.

Will Chase plays Bob Nash

Who is Bob Nash? The father of one of the murdered teens.

Where have I seen Will Chase before? He has had minor roles in Stranger Things, The Assassination of Gianni Versace and The Deuce.

Miguel Sandoval plays Frank Curry

Who is Frank Curry? Camille's sympathetic editor, who sends her to Wind Gap in the hope that it will help her come to terms with her past.


Where have I seen Miguel Sandoval before? He starred as Colonel Scott Riggins in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and as Carlos in Entourage.

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