What’s the view from your sofa in Beverley Hills?


Right now, we don’t have a sofa in our living room. Instead, we have two big beanbags. We got rid of our last sofa because I kept falling asleep on it and it was really bad for my back. I’ve ordered a new one but it’s taking ages to arrive.

How often do you watch TV on your beanbags?

Television is the way I unwind. I have a lot of shows to watch and I’m really grateful for streaming services that allow me to binge.

What’s your favourite right now?

At the moment, Westworld is my show. I tune in every week and I get very excited. It’s so good. I’m also a big Law & Order fan. I tend to suffer from insomnia, so I often watch TV when everyone else is sleeping. In the middle of the night, I find The Golden Girls very comforting.

What was the last show you binged on?

My husband and I recently watched every season of Game of Thrones. A month-and-a-half ago, we hadn’t seen any of it – but we’re caught up now. On all seven series. For a while we had no life other than watching Game of Thrones. It was a great life.

Who rules the remote control in your home?

I’m in control of the remote. My daughter (eight-year-old Aviana) had control for a while, but then I wore thin of kids’ programming. We’ve started to get her into the History Channel and Travel Channel, with shows like Mysteries at the Museum. She’s slowly becoming a little more sophisticated in her tastes.

Amy Adams in Sharp Objects trailer
Amy Adams in Sharp Objects trailer (YouTube, FT)

What are your earliest memories of television growing up in Castle Rock, Colorado?

They involve Sesame Street and a PBS programme called Clyde Frog Show. We also watched The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night, along with a lot of American football. My dad is a big sports fanatic.

You play a journalist in your new drama, Sharp Objects. How do you consume news?

I go a little crazy with news. I’m really into all news sources for about two weeks, but then I get overwhelmed and have to take a break. Soon enough, I go back and do it again. But journalism is very important. I hope we get to continue to consume news in a free and open way.

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Do you prefer making films or television?

This era of TV is very different. I don’t feel like there’s a hard line between film and television any more. Plus, the way that people consume TV is very different today.

You don’t have any social media accounts. Why?

I’ve recently flirted with the idea of having a social media account because there are a lot of causes I’d love to bring attention to, but I really value my privacy. I feel like I’d be inviting people into my life. I know that makes me sound old fashioned, but I’m more comfortable with my current level of privacy.


Amy Adams stars in Sharp Objects from Monday 16th July on Sky Atlantic at 9pm