Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood celebrates an unhappy birthday in first-look at Channel 4’s On the Edge: Mincemeat

The actress plays a young woman with a controlling mother in Channel 4's upcoming drama.

Aimee Lou Wood in Mincemeat can reveal an exclusive first-look at Aimee Lou Wood in On the Edge – Channel 4’s upcoming anthology series about the impact of mental health in families.


In On the Edge: Mincemeat, the Sex Education star plays Jane, a young woman trying to cope with her controlling mother whilst discovering her own views and values.

In the sneak-peek clip, we’re introduced to Jane, her mother Carol (Rosie Cavaliero) and her brother Mark (Arthur Hughes) as they celebrate a birthday round the table – although the mood isn’t a particularly jolly one.

“I think I’m a vegetarian,” she says as she eats her meat stew. “I think I just became one right now.”

Her mum replies: “You’ll make yourself ill. Well, you hear about it, don’t you Mark? People dying because they think they can just eat beans. But you can’t.”

Forcefully cutting a birthday cake, she continues: “You can’t just live on bloody carrots. You’ll get jaundice, turns your skin a funny colour. I just can’t believe you – today of all days.

“Well, enjoy your cake. If you still eat cake, that is,” she spits, before Mark looks at a photo frame and says: “Happy birthday, Dad.”

The episode follows Jane as she falls for Nish (Nikhil Parmar) – a boy she went to school with – despite her mother’s disapproval.

Speaking to for The Big Interview, Wood said that the episode is set to bring viewers out of their “echo chamber”.

“I think it’s just a really important story and I think that it’s important to be reminded in the kind of echo chamber that I’m in that people actually have those views still, that people actually still need to be challenged and systems need to be dismantled that are literally poison,” she added.


On the Edge: Mincemeat airs on Channel 4 at 10pm on Sunday 7th November. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide and visit our Drama hub for more news and features.