The season 2 finale of Australian thriller series The Secrets She Keeps has just dropped on BBC One.


We saw the tension hot up over this six-episode season as a woman named Karen came into the mix, the mother of a child who Agatha (Laura Carmichael) had previously kidnapped and let die.

We also met Lorelei, Agatha’s long-lost and increasingly unstable daughter, and saw Meghan (Jessica De Gouw) run over Jack with her car, causing fatal injuries.

While a third season is yet to be confirmed, we’ve got you covered if you can’t wait to catch up on what happened at the end of season 2. ** WARNING: full spoilers ahead!**

The Secrets She Keeps ending explained

Agatha is taunted by the other prison inmates who scrawl “cat killer” on her cell wall. The cat who was taste testing her food is dead - there was insulin in her milk. Agatha tries to wipe the words off the wall with a wet rag to no avail. She suddenly falls to the floor. She’s in labour, but only 32 weeks pregnant. She cries out for help. Meghan, her cell neighbour, pauses but eventually comes to Agatha’s aid.

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Dr Hocking (Melissa Bonne) is in a therapy session with Lorelei (Miranda Frangou). Lorelei shows Hocking a letter she’s received from Agatha, apologising for throwing her under the bus with the police. Hocking suggests that Lorelei think about replying to Agatha’s letter in their next therapy session. In response, Lorelei rips up Agatha’s letter.

Agatha’s baby is delivered in prison because there’s a protest, led by Karen (Krew Boylan), blocking the path to the hospital. However, concerns about the baby’s health mean that mum and baby are bundled into an ambulance. Eventually, police restrain the protestors, allowing the ambulance to make its way onward.

Reg (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) pays Meghan’s $500,000 bail. Meghan calls her sister Grace (Cariba Heine) using their mum’s (Heather Mitchell) phone to ask about her kids. Simon (Ryan Corr) picks up and hangs up when he realises it’s Meghan. Meghan’s family are frustrated with her for calling and Meghan breaks down.

In another therapy session, Lorelei explains that she has been thinking more about Bowler (Nicholas Hope) - her biological father. What if he didn’t rape Agatha? He was never charged. Lorelei wants to tell him she’s his daughter. Dr Hocking advises against it, warning her to prepare for disappointment. Lorelei says nothing can disappoint her more than Agatha.

Grace drops off two of Meghan’s kids with her but cannot drop off Ben (Louis Braun) yet. Grace tells Simon that she feels bad for Meghan. She asks whether he will support Meghan at the committal hearing. He says he will tell the truth - she was angry, she looked in the rear-vision mirror, and she reversed. Grace argues his testimony will make things worse for Meghan.

With Grace watching, Simon leaves a message with Detective Cash (Victoria Haralabidou) explaining that he no longer wants to testify. He is subsequently issued with a subpoena, compelling him to testify.

Charlotte (Sandra Eldridge) and Agatha (Laura Carmichael) in The Secrets She Keeps BBC/Lingo Pictures Pty Ltd/Create NSW/Screen Australia

Is Meghan still facing prison time?

At the hearing, the Prosecution asks Detective Cash why Meghan reversed her car that fateful night - Meghan said that headlights were shining in her eyes. Was there any evidence that was true? No. A forensic expert testifies that if Meghan had stopped upon hitting Jack (Todd Lasance), and did not reverse, Jack might have survived.

Lorelei, watching news coverage about the proceedings, tells Belinda (Lucy Bell) that she witnessed the moments leading to Jack’s death from her car - although she didn’t tell the police about it.

Simon goes home for the first time in ages. He discovers a voicemail from Jack on the night he died, providing compelling evidence in favour of Meghan. Around the same time, Belinda tells Detective Cash that Lorelei drove away from the scene of the incident moments before Jack died. The prosecution withdraws their case - Lorelei’s headlights were likely the ones that shone into Meghan’s eyes. Meghan is relieved and embraces Simon, crying that she misses Jack.

Karen asks Meghan to help her convince minister Vicky Michaelson (Danielle Cormack) to take Agatha’s baby away. Meghan says she won’t get involved.

Later on, in a press conference, Michaelson says that Agatha can keep her baby. Zoe (Brigid Zengeni) has persuaded the minister with statistical information which suggests it is in the baby’s best interest to be with her mother.

Lorelei is visibly upset upon hearing this news and visits Bowler. She tells him she’s his daughter and he cruelly rejects her. Lorelei returns later and sets fire to his room while he’s sleeping.

Agatha prepares to leave the hospital with her daughter but can’t find her baby. We cut to a woman driving away with the baby while Lorelei’s podcast plays in the background - Karen has kidnapped Agatha’s baby!

The Secrets She Keeps season 2 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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