*Warning: spoilers ahead for Sanditon season 2 episode 5*


Things are finally hotting up in Sanditon, after episode 5 saw three budding romances progress – and heroine Charlotte receive two kisses (one consensual, one very much non-consensual) from two different men.

In the land of Jane Austen, a ball always livens things up, although poor, hallucinatory Esther might have caused a little too much excitement – though to be fair to her, being secretly poisoned by your evil step-brother doesn't do much for your social graces.

Other than some second-hand embarrassment for Lady Denham, Esther's mumbling episode (engineered by the scheming Edward) didn't do too much to spoil the fun at Tom Parker's ball, with Charlotte's younger sister Alison finally warming up to Captain Fraser, the battle-scarred soldier who's been pining after her since the start of the season.

You'll recall that in Sanditon season 2, episode 4, Alison had a rude awakening when it turned out that the handsome Captain Carter had lied about his heroics in battle, passing off Captain Fraser's war stories as his own.

Well, she now seems to have seen the error of her ways, going for a long walk on the beach with Fraser, before accepting a dance from him at the ball: cue mounting sexual tension as the pair touched gloved hands and stared into each other's eyes.

The prospect of a ball even seemed to have brightened the grumpy Mr Colbourne's mood, who predictably relented and allowed his niece Augusta (she of the too-tight corset last episode) to attend the dance.

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However, his cheery spirits didn't last long, as the dastardly Colonel Lennox (Sanditon's own Mr Wickham) sprang a marriage proposal on Charlotte, forcing a kiss on her even as she refused him.

Meanwhile Georgiana Lamb was still glowing with satisfaction after sharing a (very much wanted) kiss from the eccentric artist Charles Lockhart – although the good-natured Mary Parker continues to keep her eye on them.

How did Sanditon season 2 episode 5 end?

EMBARGOED 7th December at 3pm Ben Lloyd-Hughes in Sanditon series 2
Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne in Sanditon series 2 Red Planet

Sanditon season 2 episode 5 ended with a paternity reveal, when Alexander Colbourne brought Charlotte back to his manor house after the ball and finally explained what happened between his late wife Lucy and Colonel Lennox.

Sitting Charlotte down in front of the fireplace (you can already see where this will lead), he revealed that Lucy had an affair with Colonel Lennox and, after Lennox abandoned her, gave birth to his child, Leonora (who, incidentally, was listening in at the door during the big reveal).

Lucy then became a "ghost" of herself, and it's implied she died by suicide when she walked off into a storm.

As Charlotte begged Mr Colbourne to forgive himself, the mood changed – and, because apparently there's nothing sexier than discussing your late wife's final moments with your new love interest, the pair shared a long, lingering kiss on the sofa.

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