Rule over Westeros with this Game of Thrones mobile game

The trailer for Game of Thrones: Conquest just dropped. Prepare for war


Game of Thrones has just unveiled their latest game and —NO, WAIT! COME BACK! This might actually be okay.


Although previous video game ventures into Westeros have received mixed reviews, this new mobile strategy game sounds slightly akin to Age of Empires.

In Game of Thrones: Conquest, players will act as the head of a new House trying to take control of the Iron Throne. They can do that by forging alliances with other Houses, raising armies or by taking control of their own small councils to sabotage the enemy from within, Red Wedding-style.

Cool, eh? But here’s the bad news: although the game is free to download, it will contain a bunch of in-app purchases to build and fortify your House and acquire gold, weapons, and speed-ups.

Fortunately, you can temporarily get around this by pre-registering for the game at That way you’ll receive several game goodies in the Prepare for War bundle, which carries a $50 value (almost more expensive than the iron price in our book).


You’ll have to pre-order soon though: Conquest – developed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment’s Turbine studio and under licence from HBO – will be launched on Apple’s App Store and Google Play on October 19th.