Victoria fans, it's been a good run. We've had five weeks of Rufus Sewell smouldering up a storm as the young sovereign's Prime Minister and personal advisor, Lord Melbourne.


But despite plenty of lobbying on Twitter, you simply can't rewrite history. And so Lord M left us last night, bidding Jenna Coleman's Victoria farewell as she scurried off for a life with new hubby Albert.

The queen may have got her happy ending – but Twitter had been hoping for a different outcome.

Fans were in mourning following Rufus Sewell's departure...

The show won't be the same anymore without Lord M #Vicbourne #VictoriaITV

— Patrice Pannell (@patricepannell5) September 18, 2016

Lord M no longer in the show? THAT'S ME DONE WITH THIS BYE #Victoria

— Jade Azim ??? (@JadeFrancesAzim) September 18, 2016

And eager to provide him with a shoulder to cry on:

If you look closely you can see the exact moment Lord Melbourne's heart breaks #Victoria

— Tasha☾ (@TashaAnnLovell) September 18, 2016


— Bean (@annabeany) September 18, 2016

Someone made the point that had the real-life Lord M looked like Rufus Sewell instead of this...

...then perhaps the outcome might have been more to our liking.

History might have been very different if Lord M had looked like Rufus Sewell #VictoriaITV

— Elly Griffiths (@ellygriffiths) September 18, 2016

Still, Lord M went out with a bang, delivering some Dowager Countess-worthy one-liners over the course of the episode.

Lord M has all the best lines tonight. So much sass. #Victoria #VictoriaITV

— Vicki Wardman (@VictoriaWardman) September 18, 2016

And there was plenty of praise for Twitter's favourite new crush.

Rufus Sewell is the best thing hands down about #VictoriaITV He gives the character such gentleness and sadness but wrapped up in dignity

— Siobhan Connor (@ConnorPR) September 18, 2016

So much so that more than one tweeter had an excellent suggestion for a spin-off.

Rufus Sewell as Lord M should have his own series.....#VictoriaITV #LordM

— Abagael (@abssims) September 18, 2016

@ITVVictoria @FredrikSewell Maybe a Lord M spin-off? Plenty of drama in his life. #VictoriaITV

— Mia Maria (@MiaMaria_1) September 18, 2016

Over to you, ITV.