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Rufus Sewell's Lord M left ITV's Victoria and Twitter went into mourning

Wedding bells led to sad farewells

Published: Monday, 19th September 2016 at 10:00 am

Victoria fans, it's been a good run. We've had five weeks of Rufus Sewell smouldering up a storm as the young sovereign's Prime Minister and personal advisor, Lord Melbourne.


But despite plenty of lobbying on Twitter, you simply can't rewrite history. And so Lord M left us last night, bidding Jenna Coleman's Victoria farewell as she scurried off for a life with new hubby Albert.

The queen may have got her happy ending – but Twitter had been hoping for a different outcome.

Fans were in mourning following Rufus Sewell's departure...

And eager to provide him with a shoulder to cry on:

Someone made the point that had the real-life Lord M looked like Rufus Sewell instead of this...

...then perhaps the outcome might have been more to our liking.

Still, Lord M went out with a bang, delivering some Dowager Countess-worthy one-liners over the course of the episode.

And there was plenty of praise for Twitter's favourite new crush.

So much so that more than one tweeter had an excellent suggestion for a spin-off.

Over to you, ITV.


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