The first season of new ITV crime drama Ridley has now come to an end, and with four cases cracked we're led to wonder whether Adrian Dunbar's detective will be back for more.


The first season saw the star's retired detective Alex Ridley brought back into the fold in order to assist his former partner, Bronagh Waugh's DI Carol Farman, and the rest of the team with their murder enquiries.

The show was based on real life retired detectives who have been re-joining police forces in a consultancy role to help out in the face of increasingly over-stretched resources, which would surely mean there are more stories to tell given that wealth of inspiration to draw from.

Read on for everything you need to know about a potential second season of Ridley.

Will there be a second season of Ridley?

Adrian Dunbar in Ridley.
Adrian Dunbar in Ridley. ITV

A second season of Ridley hasn't been confirmed just yet, but as the first has only just come to an end, there's still plenty of time for ITV to make an announcement.

And it certainly sounds like Dunbar would be up for coming back to play the titular detective once more. Speaking with and other press ahead of the first season, he noted that co-star Bronagh Waugh had "just had a new baby" when they were filming season 1, saying that the circumstances meant the cast didn't get to socialise much in their downtime.

However, he added that "hopefully that might change if we get to do it again", which certainly suggests he is hoping to return to the series.

We'll keep this page updated as and when we have any more news or an announcement either way as to whether the show is coming back.

When would Ridley season 2 be released?

Ridley: Bronagh Waugh is DI Carol Farman (ITV)
Bronagh Waugh as DI Carol Farman in Ridley.

Without an official recommission announcement, it's hard to say when Ridley would be back on ITV. We'd imagine that the earliest a second season could get turned around for is in one year's time, which could mean we see new episodes in the summer or autumn of 2023.

We'll keep this page updated with any news as we get it.

Ridley season 2 cast: Who will be back for more?

Adrian Dunbar as Ridley, Bronagh Waugh as DI Carol Farman, Terence Maynard as DCI Paul Goodwin and George Bukhari as DC Darren Benton in Ridley.
Ridley, DI Carol Farman, DCI Paul Goodwin and DC Darren Lakhan in Ridley. ITV

As the series hasn't yet been renewed, it's difficult to say just who in the cast would be coming back for Ridley season 2. We'd certainly imagine that Adrian Dunbar, Bronagh Waugh, Terence Maynard and George Bukhari would all be back as their respective characters, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Here was the core cast list for season 1, any of whom could be back for more in season 2:

  • Adrian Dunbar as Alex Ridley
  • Bronagh Waugh as DI Carol Farman
  • Terence Maynard as DCI Paul Goodwin
  • George Bukhari as DC Darren Lakhan
  • Georgie Glen as Dr Wendy Newstone
  • Julie Graham as Annie Marling
  • Aidan McArdle as Michael Flannery
  • Bhavna Limbachia as Geri Farman
  • Tareq Al-Jeddal as Jack Farman

Is there a trailer for Ridley season 2?

There isn't a trailer for Ridley season 2 just yet, but we'll keep this page updated as and when any new footage is released. For now, you can rewatch the trailer for season 1 right here.

Ridley season 1 is available on ITV Hub now. You can also get a 30-day free trial of ITV Hub+ on Amazon Prime Video here.

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