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Requiem viewers got serious chills after that terrifying first episode

BBC's new horrifying drama left many sleeping with the lights on

Published: Saturday, 3rd February 2018 at 10:41 am

It’s no secret: we love Requiem. The new BBC’s spooky drama starring Lydia Wilson as an accomplished yet troubled cellist gave us the shivers with its tale of a toddler mysteriously vanishing over two decades ago.


It’s a story that unearths terrifying secrets in a remote Welsh community where supernatural elements begin to take hold.

And as many posted on Twitter, it was an impressively scary start to the drama. Even if some couldn't watch it alone…

Straight from the opening scene – which saw a mysteriously possessed man plunging off a roof – viewers got the chills…

Fortunately, it was just the sort of scary some were looking for...

...Even if the drama caused some sleepless nights across the country.

And, if you're feeling brave, you can watch the second episode today: the entire Requiem boxset is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


Requiem episode two will air 9pm Friday on BBC1, or you can watch the entire series now on BBC iPlayer.


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