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Requiem poised to return for a second series on BBC1 and Netflix

Writer Kris Mrksa has already plotted out a second series of the spooky Lydia Wilson drama

Published: Friday, 16th March 2018 at 9:59 pm

Requiem, the spooky supernatural thriller about a cellist’s quest for her real identity in rural Wales, finished on BBC1 on Friday with a few things left unresolved.


But fear not – writer Kris Mrksa insists that he always had a second series in mind and has already plotted out a new run of the drama starring Lydia Wilson.

In the sixth and final episode, Matilda – SPOILERS! – confronted her would-be kidnappers and appeared to enact a bloody revenge.

Mrksa would not be drawn on precisely what happened and who may have survived her bloody onslaught – insisting that these issues will be resolved in series two.

“There are some things that are grey and murky and I want people to argue about them,” he exclusively told “There are some things designed for an ongoing story should we decide to do it. I have in my mind who survived of the five and I won’t give it away now.

 There is more story to tell about these characters. There are a couple of threads left hanging at the end – unashamedly so because I would love to do another series and tug on those threads and see where they go. No decision has been made yet and wouldn’t be made yet. Netflix are part of the equation too because they stumped up a lot of the money and they are production partners. After it goes out on Netflix in eight or so days’ time we will know. Usually Netflix let things run for a month before making a decision.”

Mrksa added that he has the second run mapped out in his mind.

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“We have done some development work on season two. I have always had a broad-brush stroke idea of what might happen. Having [recently] spent a couple of weeks in London putting some detail onto that, I have a pretty good idea of what will happen in the second season.

Speaking from his home in Melbourne, Australia, Mrksa (pictured below) did intimate that he would have preferred the series to have released in weekly instalments on BBC1. Instead, after episode one aired, the whole series became available on iPlayer as well as continuing to broadcast each Friday night.

Kris Mrksa, Getty, BD

He said: "I think the show was always designed to have lots of mysteries and lots of talking points and lots of grey area which hopefully people could unpick and argue about and theorise about. And I think that sort of stuff is perhaps best serviced when everyone is watching it at the same time and you do get the conversation the next day. 'What is happening?' 'Do you think they are a villain?' That kind of thing.

"That conversation does unfold more naturally when everyone is fixed to a particular viewing time so I think it’s kind of sad to lose that as one does if you go out on the iPlayer. Having said that, it’s hard to argue with the fact there’s a significant proportion of the audience that want to consume their TV that way."


Requiem series one will be available on DVD from March 19th and the whole series airs on Netflix from March 23rd


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