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Reese Witherspoon chucked an ice cream at Meryl Streep while filming Big Little Lies and everyone wants to know why

Some major drama went down on the streets of Los Angeles between the stars of Big Little Lies season 2

Big Little Lies
Published: Friday, 3rd August 2018 at 3:24 pm

A dramatic fight went down in Los Angeles this week as a smartly-dressed blonde woman threw a massive ice cream directly at an older lady's head. The woman in question was Reese Witherspoon – and her victim was Meryl Streep.


But don't worry: there's not a major A-List spat between two of our favourite actresses.

The duo were actually caught by the paparazzi while filming a scene for season two of Big Little Lies, and it look like their characters do NOT get along.

That leaves us with a lot of questions.

We knew that Streep was joining the cast as Mary Louise Wright, mother of the late Perry White. But how will she fit in with the women of Monterey? Why is Witherspoon's character Madeleine Mackenzie so furious? What would possess her to publicly assault Mary Louise with such a delicious-looking ice-cream?


And the big question – did she manage to hit Streep? That one we can answer...

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