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Reece Shearsmith on Inside No 9 and League of Gentlemen return

It's unclear whether the actor and writer's two popular series will make a comeback

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton (Getty)
Published: Tuesday, 28th January 2020 at 9:45 am

Inside No 9 hasn't been renewed for a sixth series just yet, according to co-creator and star Reece Shearsmith.


The acclaimed show first aired in 2014 and tells an original story in each episode, often in a darkly comedic way with impressive acting talent in tow.

As Inside No 9 prepares to air its fifth series on BBC2 next month, there has been speculation that the show is already renewed for a sixth, but these claims are seemingly premature.

"We might not get another series. I read somewhere that it had been commissioned for series six and I was like, 'It’s news to me.' It’s not been confirmed yet! It’s not in our powers to say, 'Yeah, we’ll keep going, thank you,'" Shearsmith told Radio Times.

"But if people want it, I think we will keep doing it, until we think there's a good place to stop. I think that as long as we feel that as the writers and the creators, there's no reason why it should end."

Shearsmith works on Inside No 9 alongside frequent collaborator Steve Pemberton, with whom he also created Psychoville and The League of Gentlemen.

The latter series made a brief return in 2017 for three anniversary specials, but fans shouldn't expect another revival anytime soon.

"I don't know what the next anniversary of it would be. When one of us dies? It would have to be a while now, until it felt special again. Maybe we'll have a reunion when we're 70 and return on our Zimmer frames," Shearsmith added.

The Good Omens actor was interviewed in the latest issue of Radio Times, released on Tuesday 28th January.

Early in January 2020, the BBC revealed a trailer teasing what viewers can expect in the new episodes of Inside No 9.


Inside No 9 returns to BBC2 on Monday 3rd February at 10pm.


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