Radio 4 newsreaders performed SS-GB so we could all hear it properly

There's no mumbling in this new and improved version of the dystopian Nazi drama


If you were watching SS-GB on Sunday night and were among those who couldn’t make out what the characters were saying you’re in luck because BBC Radio 4’s Caroline Nicholls and Zeb Soanes have recreated the whole thing for you.


The pair teamed up to put audible words in the mouths of Sam Riley’s Douglas Archer and Meave Dermody’s Sylvia Manning after viewers reported that they were having a LOT of trouble hearing the duo during the show’s premiere on Sunday night.

In their pitch perfect radio presenter tones, the pair nailed the tension and urgency of the new drama, which depicts what life might have been like in German occupied London if the Nazis had won the Battle of Britain.

In fact, the clip played at the end of Newsnight was such a smash hit that some begged for them to re-record the whole episode – and every single show that had ever been accused of mumbling.

We’re certainly up for round two. Are you?


SS-GB continues on BBC1 on Sunday night at 9pm