Fans of Pose in the UK have been eagerly awaiting the release date on the BBC, and finally our prayers have been answered.


There isn't long to wait before fans in the United Kingdom can cast their eyes over the third and final season of the hit Ryan Murphy show.

With promises of a "bittersweet" ending, and plenty of plot lines to wrap up, we have just a couple more weeks to wait for Pose season three.

In the meantime, read on for your essential guide to Pose season three, including how you can watch it, the release date, cast and much more.

How to watch Pose in the UK

Seasons one and two are available on BBC iPlayer and Netflix to watch now.

Season three will be released on Sunday, 8th August, on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, where it will air weekly.

What is Pose about?

Pose gives viewers a perspective into the underground NYC LGBTQ+ ballroom scene during the late 80s and early 90s.

Season one covers the rollout of a brand-new ballroom “house”, House of Evangelista, one member breaking away from the original House of Abundance to kickstart it all. On top of this, a life-changing medical diagnosis, family disowning, body dysmorphia, clashes, and Pose delivers an abundance of drama.

Season two begins with the cast’s life following the release of Madonna’s hit single, “Vogue”. Two lovers of the same House are pit against each other to clinch a spot on the star’s concert tour, revenge is served on a nemesis, and secrets rock the foundation of the breakaway House of Evangelista. Leading us perfectly to season three...

Pose cast

Mj Rodriguez (The Carrie Diaries) plays House head, Blanca Evangelista, who creates the eponymous, House of Evangelista. For Blanca to establish her own legacy, she had to depart from Dominique Jackson (Strut), the veteran ballroom identity Elektra. Indya Moore (Saturday Church) acts as emotionally wrought model and former escort Angel Evangelista. Angel Bismark Curiel (American Adrift) stars as Esteban Evangelista (AKA Lil Papi), the fictionally portrayed Angel’s unswerving fiancée.

Ryan Jamaal Swain (his first screen role) stars as espoused son Damon Evangelista with Dyllón Burnside (Peter Pan Live!), playing his lover, Ricky Evangelista.

Billy Porter (Law and Order) plays emcee of ballrooms Pray Tell with Hailie Sahar (Mr Robot) also starring as rival House dancer Lulu Ferocity to round out the main cast.

And season three will only see one new member in the supporting cast in the form of Jeremy Pope (Hollywood) playing Christopher.

How many seasons of Pose are there?

Pose consists of three seasons in total, two of which have aired in the UK.

Season one has eight episodes while season two finished with 10. As Pose season three has already broadcast in the States, we know that we can look forward to seven new episodes.

FX and the showrunners decide to conclude this landmark series where marginalised community’s stories are finally told to better serve our ever-changing world which ought to learn and accept.

Where is Pose filmed?

Pose is filmed on location, in around the Big Apple (New York City, United States).


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