Passions are as intense as ever in the fourth season of Poldark.


Aidan Turner's Ross is facing up to the fact that his beloved wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) betrayed their wedding vows with her romp among the sand dunes with Hugh Armitage in the last series. And he has to face the fact that it was his neglect which caused it.

It seems that he will have been more enemies this series, as he embraces a new political career in London. As well as long-standing foe George Warleggan and ghastly cleric Osborne Whitworth, there is Monk Adderley to add to the mix.

Politician Adderley is a well-to-do friend of George's and very clever and charming. Which makes him so dangerous.

Here are the main cast members - and what they are up to...

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Ross Poldark – Aidan Turner

Who is Ross Poldark?

Our hero opens series four with more than an inkling that his wife Demelza enjoyed love among the sand dunes with dashing, lovelorn poet Hugh Armitage at the end of the last series. As well as processing that betrayal he needs to heal his relationship with his neglected wife while also fighting injustice in Cornwall. To that end, we last saw him, finally, promising to accept the offer of becoming a politician if asked again…

What is Aidan Turner famous for?

BBC3 drama Being Human was his big break, with The Hobbit director Peter Jackson subsequently casting him as dwarf Kili in The Hobbit trilogy. But for his many fans he is simply Ross Poldark...

Demelza Poldark – Eleanor Tomlinson

Who is Demelza?

Ross' charismatic and fiery wife had a dalliance with her sand dune lover and poet Hugh at the end of the last series and her admirer continues to get in touch. As the advances continue, will Demelza be able to retain her husband’s trust? And will he do his bit to mend their marriage?

What is Eleanor Tomlinson famous for?

Known for large roles in period drama The White Queen and literary adaptation Death Comes to Pemberley, she also played Jas in teen adaptation Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Elizabeth Poldark – Heida Reed

Who is Elizabeth Warleggan?

Ross’s erstwhile lover has now firmly nailed her colours to the mast, supporting her ghastly husband George Warleggan, with any residual affection for Captain P seemingly extinguished. We last saw her curbing some of her husband’s cruelty while also convincing George that he, not Ross, was the father of her baby.

What is Heida Reed famous for?

Iceland-born actress Heida Reed featured in David Nicholls book adaptation One Day in 2013, and also has roles in Silent Witness and Death in Paradise on her CV.

George Warleggan – Jack Farthing

Who is George Warleggan?

Poldark’s hiss boo baddie continues to try and trip Ross up – which for him means getting his arch enemy’s neck at the end of a hangman’s noose. Now an MP, an election at the start of series four threatens his place in Parliament. But an anti-Ross alliance with fellow politician Monk Adderley may provide some comfort.

What is Jack Farthing famous for?

You may recognise him as the dim-witted Freddie Threepwood in the BBC1 adaptation of PG Wodehouse's Blandings, as well as George Balfour in feature film The Riot Club.

Geoffrey Charles - Louis Davison

Who is Geoffrey Charles?

The son of Elizabeth and her first husband Francis, he is growing to manhood and enjoying school in Harrow. Friendly to Ross who he enjoys catching up with in London, he cannot bear his stepfather George whom he insists on calling Uncle, much to George's irritation.

What is Louis Davison famous for?

The son of former Doctor Who star Peter Davison and step-brother of Georgia Tennant, Louis takes over the role from Harry Marcus for series four. He has enjoyed roles in Holby City (as Essie's foster son) and played Victor in the film Ms Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Lady Whitworth - Rebecca Front

Who is Lady Whitworth?

Anyone who is the mother of Osborne Whitworth must be a strange person. A social climbing cold fish, her ghastliness may at least explain why her son is such an awful person too.

What is Rebecca Front famous for?

A veteran of many years of TV and film appearances, including her work with Steve Coogan on Knowing Me Knowing You to appearances more latterly on hits like The Thick of It, as well as drama roles in War & Peace and Doctor Thorne.

Monk Adderley - Max Bennett

Poldark - Max Bennett

Who is Monk Adderley?

A new enemy of Ross, the slippery politician is an ally of George but also a very clever and charming customer – which makes him highly dangerous for our hero.

What is Max Bennett famous for?

Max has mainly achieved his successes in stage roles at prestigious venues like the Donmar and National Theatre.

Caroline Enys – Gabriella Wild

Who is Caroline Enys?

The wealthy and beautiful Caroline didn't give up on her love for kind young doctor Dwight Enys despite the entreaties of her uncle Ray Penvenen, who wanted her to marry into gentry. But the course of Caroline and Dwight's love has not run smooth - not least when Dwight was imprisoned and nearly killed by the French revolutionary army in the last series. He survived thanks to her kind attentions and the now happily married pair are hoping to become parents...

What is Gabriella Wilde famous for?

Gabrielle Wilde starred in 2014 rom-com Endless Love and the film adaptation of The Three Musketeers. She was on the books of Naomi Campbell's modelling agency when she was just 14.

Dwight Enys – Luke Norris

Who is Dwight Enys?

Ross's loyal friend Dr Dwight Enys has married his beloved Caroline, survived the cruelty of his French captors and is now looking to settle down to a bit of peace. But does anyone ever have peace in Poldark?

What is Luke Norris famous for?

Luke has enjoyed huge success on stage both as an actor and a writer, with productions of his plays enjoying acclaim at top venues like the Sheffield Crucible, Royal Exchange Manchester and the National Theatre.

Morwenna Whitworth - Elise Chappell

Who is is Morwenna?

Elizabeth’s innocent cousin is mired in a terrible marriage to Osborne Whitworth. Her love for Drake burns strong - and her discovery of her spouse's affair with her sister Rowella has at least allowed her to break off sexual relations with the toe rag vicar. But for how long?

What is Ellise Chappell famous for?

Ellise Chappell's TV credits include The Last Dragonslayer and New Blood.

Rev Osborne Whitworth - Christian Brassington

Who is Osborne Whitworth?

The oily, cruel, sex-crazed foot-sucking cleric appeared to have his comeuppance at the end of series three after his affair with his poor benighted wife’s sister Rowella was discovered. It gave Morwenna the excuse not to have relations with him – and to continue pining for Demelza’s brother Drake. But how long will he put up with that?

What is Christian Brassington famous for?

Brassington played the PM in Tony Blair: Rock Star and Boris Johnson in When Boris Met Dave. He also has a sideline writing Doctor Who audio adventures.

Sam Carne - Tom York

Who is Sam Carne?

The charismatic Methodist preacher remains keen to save the souls of everyone he meets. The older brother of Drake, Sam has a loyal congregation, even if his family remain bemused at his tub-thumping preaching.

What is Tom York famous for?

His CV include parts in Olympus and Death in Paradise.

Drake Carne - Harry Richardson

Who is Drake Carne?

Demelza and Sam's brother is desperately in love with Morwenna. He has at least got a career to distract him - a blacksmith's forge bequeathed by Ross but ransacked in series three by Warleggan's thugs. Will true love conquer all? And will he behave well enough to escape the hangman's noose?

What is Harry Richardson famous for?

You may recognise the young Australian from his role as Frank Gresham in ITV's period drama Doctor Thorne which aired in 2016.

Rowella Chynoweth - Esme Coy

Who is Rowella Chynoweth?

A smart woman capable of using her good looks to her advantage, Rowella's affair with Ossie saw beau Arthur blackmail the odious cleric. But there is a strong suggestion that she does enjoy bedding the vicar.

What is Esme Coy famous for?

Esme Coy played Yvonne Sparrow in the last three series and 2016 special of Nicholas Lyndhurst comedy Goodnight Sweetheart.

Arthur Solway - Will Merrick

Who is Arthur Solway?

Rowella's husband managed to secure a handsome sum for taking Rowella off Ossie. Capable of double dealing, as this showed, he looks set for more adventures in the parsonage...

What is Will Merrick famous for?

Has appeared in a number of mainly comic roles and was one of the standout successes of BBC comedy The Rack Pack, bringing a comic touch to the part of snooker master Steve "Ever so boring" Davis in 2016.

Tholly Tregirls - Sean Gilder

Who is Tholly Tregirls?

An old friend of Ross' from his youth the nomadic Tholly is a piratical cove with a broad Cornish accent. A loyal friend to our hero, he knows a thing or two about Ross' roistering past and often seems keen to get him back to his bad ways - as in series three when he persuaded him to make the raid on the French prison. Tholly has a daughter Emma (Ciara Charteris) who he's devoted to – and he may have taken a shine to Prudie who is now single.

What is Sean Gilder famous for?

You may recognise him from his work as Paddy in Shameless and Styles in Hornblower.

Lord Falmouth - James Wilby

Who is Lord Falmouth?

Lord Falmouth is a historical figure - George Boscawen, 3rd Viscount Falmouth to give him his proper name, is a key Cornish power broker and an active politician. He wants George out of Parliament - but also dislikes fellow big cheese Sir Francis Bassett. Can they put their differences aside to get what they want?

What is James Wilby famous for?

A veteran actor he's perhaps best known for playing Charles Wilcox in the hit Merchant Ivory film of EM Forster's Howards End in 1992 and Freddie Nesbitt in Gosford Park.

Sir Francis Bassett - John Hopkins

Who is Sir Francis Bassett?

A local grandee with a desire to reform the world. Francis has noticed Ross' radicalism - but personal differences have stopped them allying. Will that change?

What is John Hopkins famous for?

He has enjoyed an accomplished stage career – but is perhaps best known to TV fans for his work as Sergeant Scott in Midsomer Murders.

Verity Blamey - Ruby Bentall

Who is Verity Blamey?

Francis's sister and Ross's cousin Verity is a well-intentioned woman who finally found love in an earlier Poldark series with Andrew Blamey, the sea captain who had killed his wife in unfortunate circumstances. That scandal behind her, the reformed and decent Blamey and his wife enjoy life away from Cornwall - paying occasional visits to their relatives.

What is Ruby Bentall famous for?

Ruby has appeared in period projects Lost in Austen, Lark Rise to Candleford and The Paradise - but once told that she longs to play a hooker....

Rosina Hoblyn - Amelia Clarkson

Who is Rosina Hoblyn?

Local girl Rosina is still looking for love after her flirtation with Dr Enys in series two fizzled out in rather unfortunate circumstances. Now working in Nampara, she has her sights set on Drake Carne. Demelza is also keen on the match, even though Drake is still pining for Morwenna.

What is Amelia Clarkson famous for?

The 20-year-old has been in the 2014 film Jane Eyre, US drama The Assets and BBC series Our Zoo.

Emma Tregirls - Ciara Charteris

Who is Emma Tregirls?

The wayward daughter of Tholly ,she's got a good heart – and she loves religiously-minded Sam Carne. But of course he will have to overlook or forgive her colourful past – and she will have to embrace God – if they are ever to marry.

What is Ciara Charteris famous for?

Ciara's credits include Steven Poliakoff’s Close to the Enemy and James Norton drama Grantchester.

Tom Harry - Turlough Convery

Who is Tom Harry?

George's servant, he has performed a number of roles including that of gamekeeper. But in the main he has been the man to do his master's dirty work and duff up enemies. Big, strong, and not afraid to use his fists, he's not the sort of fellow you'd want to cross.

What is Turlough Convery famous for?

He has enjoyed roles in Ready Player One (2018) and My Mad Fat Diary (2013) and will be seen in the BBC's upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables written by Andrew Davies.

Prudie Paynter – Beatie Edney

Who is Prudie Paynter?

Ross's servants Jud and Prudie Painter were the key sources of comic relief in early Poldark - but sadly poor Prudie has lost her beloved husband (Aidan's co-star in THAT scything scene, let's not forget). After coming back from the dead he scarpered again (precisely where no one is entirely sure). Prudie is still employed in the Poldark household and she has said she is looking for new love. She claims she misses her husband "like a ruptured spleen".

What is Beatie Edney famous for?

Beatie Edney has had a long, successful and varied career on film and TV, including a starring role opposite Colin Firth in 1986 drama Lost Empires and parts in Rosemary and Thyme, Prime Suspect, The Coroner and many other shows.

Lieutenant Hugh Armitage (deceased) - Josh Whitehouse

Who is Hugh Armitage?

Lord Falmouth’s artistic, aristocratic nephew was in love with Demelza, and even managed to have a sexual encounter with her at the end of series three. Just before that he revealed that he was going blind and soon developed a nasty neurological condition that took his life at the start of series four.

What is Josh Whitehouse famous for?

Whitehouse appeared in the films Northern Soul and Alleycats, in the latter as the brother of Eleanor Tomlinson’s character.


This article was originally published in June 2018