Poldark fans are NOT happy with Ross after he betrays Demelza AGAIN

Aidan Turner has some explaining to do


Not even a fully shirtless episode could save Aidan Turner’s Ross after his actions in the latest episode of Poldark. The star returned to his old ways, and fans have taken to social media to share their ire.


*Spoilers for Poldark season 3 episode 8 to follow*

Tensions continued to rise in the Poldark marriage as Hugh Armitage continued his pursuit of Demelza, but it was Ross who fell back to his old ways, sharing a heart-to-heart and a quick kiss with former flame Elizabeth in the church, unaware that he was being watched by Prudie the entire time.

What’s worse, a scene in which Ross confessed his complicated feelings for Elizabeth to his wife turned out to be a cruel fantasy conjured up by writer Debbie Horsfield. In reality, he lied to her again – but the mistake may well come back to haunt him.

Fans were outraged.


Ross’s betrayal and Demelza’s fireside confession that she may want to be with another man sets us up for an enthralling culmination to the series. Check out our review of episode eight here, and have a listen to our Poldark Podcast below for a preview of next week’s series three finale.