Peaky Blinders fans think Tommy Shelby’s horse deserves a Bafta

As the series returned to a new home on BBC1, one cast member stood out

Peaky Blinders V Ep 1

Two years after we last saw the Shelbys onscreen, Peaky Blinders returned with a bang this week as Tommy and the gang lived life large, made plans for the future and (in Tommy’s case) met some disturbing new people in Westminster’s corridors of power.


The series five opener was a big hit with fans, but among all the cinematic action and high-stakes drama, one moment had them talking more than any other – a certain scene when Tommy (Cillian Murphy) was forced to kill a horse, only for his equine victim to deliver an award-worthy death scene as it dramatically (and slowly) sank to the ground.

Suffice to say, there’s already some Bafta buzz.

Whoever would have thought Cillian Murphy could be upstaged by a horse keener on chewing scenery than sugar lumps? And at least one viewer had a theory about where the horse could have built up some period drama acting experience…

We can probably expect the horse doing a guest spot on Death in Paradise within the month – assuming that he doesn’t appear to Tommy as a ghost in a dramatic scene next week instead…


Peaky Blinders continues tonight (Monday 26th August) at 9.00pm and Sundays at 9.00pm after that