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Who is Pat Keenan's kidnapper? Bloodlands theories about the Goliath Hunter

Read on for a full breakdown of what we know about the identity of Pat Keenan's kidnapper in Bloodlands. *WARNING – spoilers ahead for episode three!*

Peter Ballance
Published: Sunday, 7th March 2021 at 10:00 pm

Since BBC One drama Bloodlands premiered, all viewers have been able to talk about is the identity of Goliath – the fictional serial killer responsible for assassinating four people on both sides of the Good Friday Agreement back in 1998.


However, in episode two of the detective thriller starring James Nesbitt, we discovered that the present day kidnapping of dodgy criminal Pat Keenan, believed to have been orchestrated by Goliath, was actually a ruse by family members of Goliath's victims to force police to reopen the case.

While we know Adam Cory was involved in the kidnapping, it was actually an unidentified dark-haired woman who physically abducted Pat Keenan – and the police have spent the last two episodes frantically searching for her.

In light of episode three and all the new information that's been thrown our way, we've broken down some of the best theories about the identity of Pat Keenan's kidnapper. Meanwhile, make sure to check out our theories as to who Goliath could be and our recaps for Bloodlands episode one, Bloodlands episode two and three.

Tori Matthews


In episode three, we learn that Tori Matthews, the daughter of Goliath victim Father Simon Quinlan, was involved in Pat Keenan's kidnapping and had even suggested the idea to Adam Cory, who was initially reluctant to carry out the plan.

She tells Tom that she joined Adam Cory on his hunt for Goliath after he told her mother about the Goliath rumours and Tori wanted to help. She proposed they kidnap someone who would fit into the Goliath story so that the police would reopen the case and start looking for the bodies of her father and Adam's brother, suggesting Pat Keenan as an easy target due to his "promiscuity" and regular hospital appointments which meant she could track his movements.

Towards the end of the episode, we learn that the DNA on the envelope containing a photo of Jackie Twomey's caravan with the words "search the caravan", handed to police anonymously (presumably by Tori Matthews), matched the DNA found in Pat Keenan's car and the DNA found on tea cups at Adam Corry's house. This pretty much confirms that Tori Matthews was the woman who followed Pat to a cafe, met him after his conference and kidnapped him, all while wearing a brunette wig.

With one more episode to go, we can never be 100 per cent certain considering the twist and turns we've already witnessed throughout Bloodlands. Perhaps a third person was involved in the kidnapping? We'll have to tune in next week to find out for sure.

Siobhan Harkin


We know Siobhan Harkin, the widow of Goliath victim Joe Harkin, has been up to something shady after we watched her secretly meet police chief Jackie Twomey in episode two – but could she have kidnapped Pat Keenan?

Pat Keenan certainly thought so in last week's episode, when he sent one of his men over to her house to kill her. While later at the police station, she says that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping, Jackie told her she needed "to be careful". If Adam Cory was willing to approach Tori Matthews and her mother, then there's a chance he also approached Siobhan Harkin and that she was involved in the kidnapping.

In tonight's episode, we found out that Siobhan's DNA was on file at the police station and didn't match the DNA found in Keenan's car or on Adam Cory's teacups, which rules her out as the actual kidnapper.

However, we also discovered that she'd helped Jackie Twomey to run her husband as an IRA source, and when Jackie tells her she's in danger, she says: "I can handle Pat Keenan." Does this suggest that all of these events are connected and that she was involved in the kidnapping?

Emma Brannick


Tom's presumed-dead wife Emma wasn't mentioned a great deal in episode three of Bloodlands, but we still haven't found out whether she was in fact a victim of Goliath – or whether she's actually dead at all.

Her body wasn't among the rest of Goliath's victims, found in a grave on the island, and at the end of episode two, Adam revealed that his brother David, who'd been killed by Goliath in 1998, had been having an affair with Emma and was found with the owl pendant Tom gifted her.

It's possible that Emma, who was an intelligence agent, engineered her own disappearance – a scenario suggested to Niamh by Dinger – after having an affair with David and has only just returned now to assist in the kidnapping of Pat Keenan. She would be the perfect kidnapper with her military skillset, a brand new identity and a knowledge of how to avoid CCTV cameras, while Pat Keenan would have no idea who she was.


In terms of a motive, if she was having an affair with David Cory and did love him as Adam claimed, she may have returned to help with the kidnapping so that police would finally find Goliath – her lover's murderer.

Bloodlands continues on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. In the meantime, check out our TV Guide for something to watch tonight or visit our Drama hub for the latest news.

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